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Native : Multiplayer Mercenaries and Bandits Addon

I've decided to make this mod to practice some coding and basic modding skills. What I added are two completely new factions known as Mercenaries and Bandits. Everything is Native Style, the only thing new is the 2 factions so it plays like Native without any hitches. It would be cool to see a server host this since I can't host one myself. I've added bots for both factions. Changed the banners and such. There are also a lot of new maps provided by the Open Fields pack.

Hoplite (Me) - Coding/Editing
Kophka/Shizuki - Testing
Guttorm - Open Fields Map Pack (http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,104637.0.html)


The Mercenaries
The mercenaries consist of 3 classes. This includes infantry, crossbowman, and a horseman. Mercenary equipment cost fairly more to upkeep, but they have unique weaponry. For example the Crossbowman can wield repeating crossbows and staves. The infantry is a master of blunt weapons and has access to a cheap military fork. The horseman on the other hand doesn't use lances at all. They are mounted spearman perhaps you would call. They use spears/awlpikes/forks. You name it. They are also perfect for skirmishers wielding throwing weapons.




Bandits and Maurauders
Bandits consist of versatility instead of being strong. They lack heavy armor, but make up for it for being nimble and fast. Each class has a unique weapon. Forest Bandits have oak arrows and customized bows. They are the primary ground archers capable of shooting at long ranges at a slow speed or shooting rapidly at close ranges. The Mountains Bandits are the throwers/skirmishers of the faction. They are equipped with a lot of throwing items and 2 handers. Their specialty is a boulder (just a rock model) that does some serious damage if underestimated. The next one are the Steppe Bandits. They kind of resemble the khergits, but weaker. They are mounted units mainly using bows. They are good for harassment and have a fast horse. The last faction are the Sea Raiders. They are cladded in medium tier armor at the most and can take hits. These guys can be used for the main infantry bulk as they have strong shields and 1 handers.

Forest Bandit

Mountain Bandit

Steppe Bandit

Sea Raider

Known Bugs
Currently I only know one bug is where the factions banners don't show up above bots/players using default faction banner. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me.

Dedicated Hosting
To host just add these two faction commands
add_factions fac_kingdom_8 fac_kingdom_8
add_factions fac_kingdom_9 fac_kingdom_9
Also these map commands
add_map of_multi_caravan_ambush
add_map of_multi_fjord
add_map of_multi_gascony
add_map of_multi_hastings
add_map of_multi_hot_gates
add_map of_multi_inv_city
add_map of_multi_lytzen	
add_map of_multi_rock_valley 
add_map of_multi_sand_castle
add_map of_multi_small_ruins
add_map of_multi_stone_circles
add_map random_multi_desert_medium
Last Words
Please leave me any feedback. Suggestions/balancing and stuff like that always help. I look forward to seeing servers host this so I can play with other people and just not with a few friends.

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Just extract the folder inside the 7zip/rar file and place it into your Warband's module. Then just make a server and set factions to Mercenaries\Bandits or whatever you choose.


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Thanks, Really wished this was single player. :p I'd really like being a bandit, and recruit bandits instead of hireing them via recruit from prisioners. xD