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Water-Borne Annelid

Sophisticated Tools for Responsible Admins

Version: 0.6 Beta
Download: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2937


Madmin has many features that make administrating your Warband
server much easier. Many can be accessed in the Escape Menu while
playing, but others work with certain keys.

Automatic Features

Various features in Madmin happen automatically! Here are all of
[*]Auto-kicks and Auto-temp bans - Players who teamkill or teamwound too many times per round will be automatically kicked from the server. Players who are auto-kicked too many times will be auto-temp banned.

[*]Removing Stray Horses - too many stray horses can lag your server. The feature removes stray horses every 60 seconds.

[*]Fixed spawns in Siege Mode for custom maps - Siege mode is a finicky game-mode when it comes to spawning players. In Native, sometimes attackers spawn in what are normally defender spawn-points and vice-versa. While Native maps are balanced for this phenomenon, your custom maps may not be, so Madmin makes sure defenders spawn only in defender spawn-points and attackers spawn only in attacker spawn-points.

[*]Server Messages - you can create custom server messages that can be shown at an interval of your choosing during play.

[*]Admin Tiers - have an admin that you don't feel is ready to handle some of the features in Madmin? Add his player id to madmin_config.py and he or she will only be able to kick, ban and display admin messages.

Escape menu features

All of these features can be accessed through the normal Escape
Menu while playing as an admin
[*]Madmin Options - opens the Madmin Options panel. See the Madmin Options section below.

[*]Send a PM to all Admins - allows you to send a chat message to all admins on the server.

[*]Autobalance - activates the game's autbalance script, balancing teams according to the server settings.

[*]Force All to Spectator - forces every player to go spectator; useful for events.

[*]Force Player to Spectator - forces a single player to go spectator; useful for disciplining players without kicking them.

[*]Swap Player's Team - switches a player from his current team to the other team; useful for events or manual balancing.

[*]Kill Player - kills the selected player; useful for disciplining players without kicking them, killing afk players, or rescuing stuck players.

[*]Temporarily Ban Player - Bans a player for 1 hour.
A note on the player list:

Madmin's player list differs quite a bit from Natives. When selecting a player to kick, ban, etc, you can see how much team-damage they caused, how many tks they have, what team they are on, and their ping -- even if you aren't playing as an admin!

Madmin Options

This menu allows you to change in-game many of the default
settings you made before compiling.

[*]Class limits - allows you to turn class limits on or off and set how many troops of each class can be on a team. Note the Khergit Lancers count as Infantry.

[*]Don't auto-kick players - allows you to turn off auto-kicking players for teamkilling or team-wounding.

[*]Teamkill and team wounding limits - allows you to set how many tks or how much team damage a player can accumulate before being auto-kicked.

[*]Don't automatically kill horses - allows you to turn off auto-killing of horses.

[*]Kill All Horses Now - removes all stray horses immediately.

[*]Banhammer Settings - allows you to set how the banhammer should work (kill, kick, temp ban, or ban).  *Note that this effects the banhammer for every admin on the server.

[*]Player Browser - shows information about a single player, including score, kills, teamkills, equipment, and more. You can also kick, temp ban, ban, etc. a player from the player browser.

Keyboard Activated Features

Some features in Madmin are activated by a key-press. These
features an their default keys are listed below. Note, re-assigning
keys is not implemented at the moment (Version 0.5), but is planned
for future versions.

[*]Admin Message (u) - allows you to send a Server message to all players.

[*]Force-push (o) - Knocks all players within a small radius around you to the ground and creates a cloud of smoke; useful for stopping teamkillers without kicking them or breaking up team fights when you don't know who started it.

[*]Customizable Admin Armor (i) - After pressing this key, you will spawn with admin armor you chose in the config file next time you spawn.

[*]Banhammer (; semicolon) - Sometimes players need a little tough love, and sometimes, you want to deliver that personally. The banhammer is a super-fast weapon that will temporarily ban players when they are hit.

[*]Fade out (k) - fades your player out and respawns you somewhere else. Useful for respawning with admin armor.

[*]Cheer (m) - Makes your player cheer; not very useful, but fun!

[*]Taunt (, comma) - Makes your player cheer; not very useful, but fun!

Version History

  • Madmin 0.6 BETA released
    • Added Banhammer settings
    • Added anonymous admin messages
    • Added Player Browser
    • Added Auto-Temp Bans
    • Added Auto-kicking for teamwounding
    • Added Taunts
    • Added healing players (under player browser)
    • Fixed bug preventing the player selection screen from updating for non-admins making a poll
    • Various small bugfixes
  • Madmin 0.5 BETA released

Special Thanks

I'd like to give a special thanks to the following people or groups
  • Taleworlds and Armagan - for developing such a great, moddable game
  • The Golden Kingdom - for being a great clan and keeping me interested enough to make this mod
  • GK Admins - for testing various features of Madmin
  • Deaf Blind Dave - for being a great Cheif Admin for GK and helping test various things in Madmin
  • JaXmthemirc - for being a great Cheif Admin for GK and helping test various things in Madmin
  • Denizens of the Forge - for answering any questions I had
  • Theoris and Swyter - for making the Module System Command Database
  • cmpxchg8b - for answering various questions on the innards of the Warband Engine and for WSE (which will be incorporated into a seperate version of Madmin in the future)
  • The makers of Notepad++ and jEdit -  for increasing productivity with their great programs.
  • The Malion Mercenaries - for copper and love!


The Automatic Horse Kill is awesome.

Me and my mates play on arena as Swadia for Jousting matches, we normally have to call truce to kill the fifty billion horses that are chilling around the map.


Water-Borne Annelid
Thanks for all the support you guys! For the people having trouble, I will upload a version with it plugged into Native (both compiled and source).


Unlike other open-source mods, Madmin isn't very hard to install for Native or other mods. Just follow these steps:

Copy all of the Madmin files to your module system folder.
Open module_scripts.py and add the following lines at the bottom, OUTSIDE of the script definitions:
from madmin_utils import *
Open module_items.py and add the following lines at the bottom, OUTSIDE of the item defintions:
from madmin_utils import *
Open module_mission_template.py and add the following lines at the bottom, OUTSIDE of the mission template definitions:
from madmin_utils import *
Open module_presentations and add the following lines at the bottom, OUTSIDE of the presentation definitions:
from madmin_utils import *
Open madmin_config.py and change the settings as you please.
Build your module. If you did everything correctly, it should compile normal

i did all of this but WHAT is 'definitions' ?? i put them at the very very bottom of these files and it built correctly but now i do not know what to do


MadocComadrin said:
The Malion Mercenaries - for copper and love!
YES!  :grin:

Anyways, looks great Madoc, this'll probably be put on PTK server.
Thanks Madoc, really appreciate all you do!


Water-Borne Annelid
Trevty said:
Looks like he's one of john's crew.
Aye, the german name threw me off at first though. Funny thing is, that name means to delay or slow down, as in to retard; which makes me think he failed at translating "mentally retarded" and got the wrong word. Failtroll is failtroll.


Grandmaster Knight
Thanks for the great tools, Madoc!

Pink was alternating between force pushing me and doing ninja fades  :eek:


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Logain said:
The Automatic Horse Kill is awesome.

Me and my mates play on arena as Swadia for Jousting matches, we normally have to call truce to kill the fifty billion horses that are chilling around the map.

Does this mean if you dismount your horses dies on you? LOL


Grandmaster Knight
HELP!  :sad:

Basically, I believe I have installed it correctly... I've got Python, I have the Module system etc, added the stuff i needed to...

I've added Pyhton to the Envrionment variables as well, so i honestly don't know why it doesn't recognise it.

Here is an example of how I added the py files... I did this with scripts, items, mission_templates and presentations

I don't get it!!  :cry:


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Ah ok, i'll reinstall it again...

EDIT: Right, the same thing is happening, i've reinstalled Python and it STILL doesn't work  :neutral:

I've tried different versions of Python as well, 2.5.1, 2.7.1


Grandmaster Knight
C:\Users\Henry White\mb_warband_module_system_1134\Module_system 1.134

Theres the filepath,  :neutral: Definately in C:

Ok forget the above, i've checked now... its definately in C:

EDIT: HANG ON... I've got something...
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