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[M] Full Invasion [A co-op mod for WB] - 14th of June

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Listen please  I made an account just to tell you this. We have enough propaganda by fyrom , stating Macedonia and The Greeks as different factions only makes it worse. So please if you could change the name of the greeks and make it Greek city states or Define them by town (athens Lakaidemonia Corinth etc ) it would be really better. There is no point distinguising Greek and Macedonia and it really hurts me to see it..

Baron Conrad

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Hopefully the maps included in the mod can be made so that it is very hard to glitch. In the last version some annoying players would waste hours standing on a rock shooting at bots that could not get them.

Also, looks great, I am excited!


Yeah glitchers should be insta-kicked. What's the invasion mod version running on Warband serverlist now? It wouldn't work on my 1.127 would it?  And when is this Full Invasion done? Sounds real nice.


I loved playing Invasion with my friends. Seriously the best mod I've played for Warband. I can't wait to play the Full Invasion mod!

freakin wat

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Perkele_JOPOTINTTI said:
come on how many years do we have to wait for this mod to release??? :evil:

Oi, if you want it to come out, ask if there's anything you can do to help, otherwise stop whining! Modders have no obligation to you, as you arn't paying anything! If you carry on with this attitude then it's just gonna make people less likely to help you, use some common sense...


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Roveno said:
God is coming, we only must be patient  :grin:

No, Arch3r is already here  :lol:

Please deliver us a compatible version


Back from holiday, got some funny new features and already multiple invader factions working. Once I got weapon racks, item stuff and barricades working I will have the first alpha, although not all factions will be ready. This decision might change into a: closed beta until all factions are functional although not 100% done.
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