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[M] Full Invasion [A co-op mod for WB] - 14th of June

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Full Invasion 1.05
Should work with the latest Warband version!

Install instructions:
1. Install Mount&Blade Warband
2. Download from:
AND Download the hotfix if you're hosting the server:
- dead link - [be sure to set autobalance to unlimited]

If you are looking for the old version, 1.0: http://www.gamefront.com/files/17319924/Full_Invasion_rar
3. Place the downloaded .rar from step #2 in your "x/Mount&Blade Warband/Modules/" folder
4. Extract the .rar with WinRar (use "Extract here" and not "Extract in Full Invasion/" !!)
5. Start up Warband and select Full Invasion in the Modules list.
6. Join a server or host a local one and play!

-Invasion gamemode
-Multiple invader factions:
  • Farmers
  • Zombies
  • Potato-throwing Half-decayed Zombie Farmers with clown masks
  • Seeekrit
  • Barbarians
-Varied defender factions:
  • The Empire (14-15th century)
Sergeant: Long pike, Halberd, Pollaxe, Great Sword, Partial Plate armor (f.e. coat of plates). Pros: Can support Infantry from a range, excellent armor. Cons: No close combat weapons, no shield.
Infantry: Sword, Military Hammer, Dagger, Heater Shield, Heavy Chainmail armor. Pros: Can hold a line very well, good armor. Cons: Slow moving, low damage weapons, short-range weapons.
Militia: Arquebus, Heavy Crossbow, Arbalest, Dagger, Aketon/Gambeson style armor. Proes: Long-range weapons, fast moving. Cons: Weak in melee, weak armor, slow rate of fire.

  • The Kingdom (12-13th century)
Footman: One-handed Axe, Sword, Mace, Spear, Heavy Kite Shield, Light Chainmail armor. Pros: Can hold a line, fast moving, decent armor. Cons: Short-range weapons, low damage.
Guardsman: Crossbow, Goedendag, Boar Spear, Dagger, Kite Shield, Tunic/Padded cloth armor. Pros: Versatile. Cons: Weak armor, rather weak in melee.
Longbowman: Long bow, Dagger, Tunic/Padded cloth armor. Pros: Long-range weapons, high damage missiles. Cons: Weak in melee, weak armor, slow rate of fire.

  • The Norse
Huscarl: Long axe, One-handed axe, Huscarl's Round Shield. Light Chainmail armor. Pros: High damage, decent armor, good shield. Cons: Slow rate of attack, slow moving.
Swordsman: Sword, Round shield, Spear, Javelins, Tunic/Leather armor. Pros: Fast, versatile. Cons: Limited ammo, mediocre armor.
Archer: Short bow, Sword, Tunic/Leather armor. Pros: High rate of fire. Cons: No shield, mediocre armor.

  • The Colonists (18th century)
Musketeer: Musket with bayonet, Leather coat armor. Pros: Ranged/Melee hybrid weapon. Cons: No shield.
Guard: Medium armor and melee capabilities. No shield.

  • The Macedonians
Phalangite: Sarissa, Xiphos/Kopis, Linothorax armor. Pros: Long-range melee, very strong in groups. Cons: No shield, Sarissa works only in a group.
Peltast: With javelins and light armor.

Hoplite: Doru, Xiphos/Kopis, Hoplite Round Shield, Muscle cuirass armor. Pros: Strong thrust, strong in groups. Cons: Low damage short-sword, slow moving. 
Slinger or bowman: maybe.

Fredelios for some models/reskins.
Checkmaty - More Metal Sound mod
Narf of Picklestink - Transitonional Armour Pack
Aeon - Hi-Hair
Captain slutlust - Arrow basket, ammo pouch 'n working on a scene
Freddex - Scenes
Bear - Scene
Temuzu - Scene
Tercero - Scene
Kazzan - Scene
Havoc - For retexturing the Native bows
And last but certainly not least a big thanks for Ibanez for being friggin' awesomeness :grin:

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the Hunt mod and allowed me to use their work: Ursca, Weren, Gutekfiutek, Dain, Highelf, Faradon.
Also a large thanks to the IRC, IG, 22nd and DR clan for their testing, hosting alpha's and feedback.



Main Theme: "The Irish" by Castiel http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/191559
Ambient by Ibanez
Arch3r said:
This guide is written before the v1.1 patch is completed, so it WILL change.
The Full Invasion Survival Guide:

The purpose of the mod:
This mod is a multiplayer-only co-op mod, where players join one team and fight the bots on the other team. As there is only respawning after every 3 waves (every 3rd wave is either a boss wave or a challenge wave, more on that later), it means if you're whole team dies before you've beaten the boss wave you will start at wave 1 again.
Please note that if you like winning, this mod is probably not for you. The bots you fight against spawn in waves, and become tougher as you beat more waves. The number of enemy bots also increase with the number of waves, but the number of bots also increase when playing with more people. This means more people isn't always easier, because more players=more bots.
As the whole purpose of the mod is delaying the death of your entire team, you must make sure that not only you survive, but also help your teammate. Please remember you're probably going to die, if you don't like that: Don't use glitches to not die, just don't play this mod. Using glitches to make sure bots cannot reach you take the fun out of the game, perhaps not for you, but it will for other people. Remember: This is a co-op mod, it's not only about you, it's about the team.

The wave system:
The first wave will be the easiest you'll face, with weak enemies. The second wave will spawn once you've beaten all the enemies in Wave 1. The second wave is like the first wave, but with more enemies. The third wave will be harder, as you'll face your first boss with his evil minions. Bosses are the toughest enemies in the game, but there's only one of them in each wave. They are however accompanied by minions, which are not to be underestimated either. After beating Wave 3 (the boss wave), your whole team will respawn and Wave 4 will come towards you. Wave 4 is a normal wave again, but with some tougher enemies mixed in. Wave 5 will be like Wave 4 again, but with more enemies (and the same tougher enemies mixed in). This will continue like this, with having a boss wave again in Wave 6, and having tougher and more enemies in Wave 7. After having had 2 bosses (wave 3 and wave 6) a challenge wave will spawn in wave 9. A challenge wave is a wave with one type of very tough enemies. They can be seen as a wave made entirely from bosses. As all challenges are different, each require a different playing style to beat. Wave 12 and 15 will be a boss wave again, wave 18 will be another challenge. This continues till wave 33, after that only challenges will spawn instead of bosses. There are currently 54 waves in total.
There is also a wave counter in place. The score of team 1 (player faction) displays the wave number the players are currently facing, while the score of team 2 (invaders faction) display the amount of waves left till the next boss (and thus: respawn).

The player factions:
The Empire:
The Empire is a 16th-17th century based faction, with heavy armored infantry and guns and heavy crossbows for the militia.
The heaviest armored troop, with large two-handed weaponry such as pikes, pollaxes, morningstars and swords. They don't have any shields to buy, nor any shield skill in case they pick up a shield. Also they move very slow, making it impossible to run away from dangerous situations or dodging potatoes.
Medium armored infantry, with good one-handed weaponry, such as small morningstars, long swords, spears and daggers for close defense. They also have heavy shields to hold the line, allowing Sergeants to slash the enemies with their larger weapons from behind the shieldwall. Infantry also move a lot faster than Sergeants, but of course lack the damage done and armor that the sergeants have.
The Empire's ranged troops, they are equipped with primitive firearms (Arquebus) and heavy crossbows. They can defend themselves in melee with a dagger or pick up a better weapon. They however are not skilled with melee weapons, nor do they have good armor.

The Kingdom:
The Kingdom is a medieval (13th century or so) faction, with balanced infantry and good ranged troops.
The Kingdoms main infantry, with good kite shields, high-quality spears, swords and axes and mail armor, they can hold a line fairly well and are quite quick, making them good all-round infantry.
A good hybrid troop, able to function as a crossbowman as well as light infantry. They are fairly proficient with all melee weapons and have decent leather armor as well as access to shields.
Longbowmen are professional archers equipped with a powerful bow with a slow rate of fire. They are however lightly armored and equipped with only a dagger for melee.

The Norse:
The Norse is a viking based faction, with strong infantry and decent ranged troops.
Well-armored in mail and well-equipped with swords, axes, spears and also two-handed long axes plus access to good shields, these troops form the main army of the Norse and are excellent at holding a line.
Lightly armored and equipped with short axes and swords and cheap shields, these troops are only decent in melee. However they also have throwing axes, spears and javelins and are very good at skirmishing as they outrun almost everyone.
The Norse main ranged troop and while they have more ammunition and more accuracy (and thus can shoot further) than raiders, they're weak in melee and don't have shields.

The Colonists:
The core of the colonists, the Riflemen are armed with good quality muskets, allowing them to deal great damage against even armored enemies. They can use their rifle in melee, but are rather weak as they have no armor other than leather coats.
Armed with polearms, sabers and small shields, guards are rather good in melee. Their gambeson armor also offer some protection, but not that much.

The Macedonians:
The main troop of a Macedonian phalanx formation, these troops are armed with the very long Sarissa, a weapon excellent in formations but weak in a one against one fight. They're also rather well armored, but not enough to be called heavy, nor do they have any good quality shields.
A skirmishing troop to back up the Pezhetairoi, these Peltastoi are very fast and lethal with javelins, but weak in melee.

The invader factions:
Invasion of Farmers:
Invasion of Zombies:
Invasion of Potato-throwing Half-decayed Zombie Farmers wearing Clown masks (PtHdZFwCm):
Invasion of Gobblyns:
Invasion of Barbarians:

To be finished soon. Expanded with all maps (with overview) and all the factions. More factions may be added.
Arch3r said:
In case you want to host a Full Invasion server at it's release, here's a config you can use.

set_pass_admin ***
set_server_name Invasion_Server

set_welcome_message Welcome to the server, currently running Full Invasion.

set_mission multiplayer_iv
set_max_players 64 64
set_num_bots_voteable 10
set_combat_speed 1
set_factions_voteable 1
set_force_default_armor 1
set_friendly_fire 1
set_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 10
set_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 10
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 10
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 10
set_kick_voteable 0
set_melee_friendly_fire 1
set_round_gold_bonus 0
set_starting_gold 150
set_kick_voteable 1
set_combat_gold_bonus 100
set_control_block_direction 1

set_map FuIn_invasion_1
add_map FuIn_invasion_2
add_map FuIn_invasion_3
add_map FuIn_invasion_4
add_map FuIn_invasion_5
add_map FuIn_invasion_6
add_map FuIn_invasion_7
add_map FuIn_invasion_8

add_factions 15 21
add_factions 16 22
add_factions 17 25
add_factions 15 21
add_factions 16 22
add_factions 17 25

#add_factions fac_kingdom_1 fac_invaders1
#add_factions fac_kingdom_2 fac_invaders2
#add_factions fac_kingdom_3 fac_invaders5
#add_factions fac_kingdom_4 fac_invaders1
#add_factions fac_kingdom_5 fac_invaders2
#add_factions fac_kingdom_6 fac_invaders5
set_randomize_factions 0
set_team_point_limit 1000
set_bot_count 2 3
set_auto_team_balance_limit 7
set_upload_limit 100000000
set_port 7103
set_server_log_folder Logs
set_server_ban_list_file Logs\ban_list.txt
set_map_time_limit 120


For instructions how to set up a server read Vincenzo's server hosting guide: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,113653.0.html


Sergeant at Arms
Noooo! >_<
You KNOW 90% of the rounds are going to be boring colonists versus invaders, with spamvotes to change to Colonists as soon as it's another faction's turn. :sad:


NaimaR said:
Noooo! >_<
You KNOW 90% of the rounds are going to be boring colonists versus invaders, with spamvotes to change to Colonists as soon as it's another faction's turn. :sad:
Not if the server disables votes. Or maybe vote spam stops if I make it so that the name of the user who submits the poll is shown.


Master Knight
Can you actually make those zombies really slow, arch3r?
I think weapon weight slows down the most so giving them
super heavy stuff might work.
Do you plan to do that or will there be quick moving zombies for gameplay reasons.


Urist, heavy gear + low agility makes zombies slow. Did this in 1.011 and slaughtered armies of zombies with my crossbowmen.


ahh nice i cant wait to see it in action

some fk'd up player factions would be cool too - like chaos faction or barbarian (naked) faction etc


There won't be any cavalry. Not for the players at least, the mongol invaders are cavalry only. I will make two versions, one with horse archers and one with melee cavalry only, for gameplay reasons.

The reason for not having cavalry: The whole point of the gamemode is defending your encampment against the invaders, not just running around on a heavy hrose soloing them all, there's single player for that and that even has a nice world map.


True, so I have to increase the weight more than in 1.011 :razz:. 3 agility, no atheletics skill helps too.
My goal is to have vary varying invader faction. Ranging from small bands of elite troops/monsters of to huge waves of weak ill equipped troops. Having a phalangite formation on a open plains map, fighting barbarians, could be fun too.


Sergeant at Arms
Arch3r said:
There won't be any cavalry. Not for the players at least, the mongol invaders are cavalry only. I will make two versions, one with horse archers and one with melee cavalry only, for gameplay reasons.

The reason for not having cavalry: The whole point of the gamemode is defending your encampment against the invaders, not just running around on a heavy hrose soloing them all, there's single player for that and that even has a nice world map.
I will hereby worship you for the rest of the week
No clownfaces. :evil:

You forgot to add Meep Meep faction, it would be funny. :grin:

Oh, and have an idea, equip zombies with weak armour, their power may be infection, if you got hit by a certain weapon your life will slowly decrease to an certain limit. That would be the best feature.
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