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...Questa e' una lista preliminare dei bug a cui stanno lavorando ed e' stata preparata come "lista delle cose da fare" per i dev:...

Known Issues

The game can sometimes launch selected with integrated GPUs. We have started work in this and fix is on its way.
Wrong memory amount is showing in the options screen in Intel GPUs.
Turkish Localization is not finalized.
vlandia_town_a map has misplaced props in the air.
Some stone visuals have parallax effect issues.
There are some harnesses that has rein problems.
battania_village_j_winter map has particle problems.
Blood particles on grass can be purple.
Map changes are imminent for mp_siege_map_005.
Map changes are imminent for vlandia_dungeon_a.
Some of the torches are not lit at night on empire_village_003 map.
Some of the villages have spawn points problems.
Northern Sloven Leather armour on the female model is broken.
Child walking animations are buggy and they will be changed.
Using balista sometimes can show wrong animations for the user.
if an agent decides to move when carrying an item while in idle animation, the item does not follow the agent.
Weaponsmith animation has issues.
Campaign Map
Crossed Swords icon on the campaign map might not disappear after loading screens.
Campaign map navmesh related issues. These are being investigated.
Arrmonac Villiage production icons are wrong in the Campaign map.
Stuttering camera movement on the Campaign Map is under investigation.
AI has issues regarding patrol behaviour.
Sound limiting system has some problems. This issue is being investigated.
Rarely, victory shout triggers indefinitely after a battle among soldiers.
Shouting "Infantry!" to cavalry formations when a companion added
After sometime item difference UI red and green colours might go away.
Occasionally, tooltips might not disappear.
The patch version is shown wrong between game modules.
The wrong number might be shown when prisoner ransoming.
Some of the sliders do not have text inputs.
UI bug regarding persuasion not showing correctly on some cases.
Character Creation UI issues are being investigated.
Sometime, when after loading a campaign save, UI might show different names.
Inconsistent quest icons on UI elements.
Some weapons can be shown as twohanders twice in UI.
No error messages for failed save and load game states.
Missing notifications on companion led missions, such as gold gain, is being investigated.
UI buttons in the Order Screen menu can sometimes be located behind the UI. This can be experienced on the resolutions noted below:
1680x1050 - 1440x900 - 1280x1024 - 1280x960 - 1280x800 - 1152x864 - 1024x768 - 832x624 - 800x600 - 720x480 - 640x480
Battles and Sieges
Customized Formation in Party is not saved.
Sometimes, the game will open a siege mission instead of opening field battle.
In some rare cases, the camera gets locked when the ballista gets broken.
Combat AI
Horsemen are using javelins in melee mode after ordered to hold fire. They should be using spears.
In some siege scenes, AI is having problems using the siege ladder.
Combat AI difficulty settings will be added to character creation difficulty tab.
Defend wall behaviour on AI has problems.
Character Development System
In character creation, if a player has a male with a beard and decides to change gender, the beard is deleted when player changes gender again.
Some perks might not be working properly.
Character creation child animations are being looked at.
Some hair and beard selections does not work.
Efficient charcoal maker perk is not working properly.
Facekey randomization not working properly across all game modes.
Character Creation pose issues are being investigated.
Clan and Party
Food consumption problem causes party to stuck.
Sometimes, clan screen role selection is not shown correctly.
Poachers don't have banners.
Borrowed troops are counting in party size. This is not the intended design.
Issues related to companion party creation. This possible exploit is being investigated.
Kingdoms and Diplomacy
Some banner icons are incorrect in the banner selection screen.
Economy and Trade
The income from the town workshops is unbalanced.
After alt+tab, clicking anywhere on barter screen cancels the barter. This could lead to a crash when you try to start barter again.
The prices in stores sometimes can be very much off from the value of items.
Transferring prisoners in bartering have issues.
Shop labels might be shown as duplicate.
Aserai faction bonus doesn't affect every caravan.
Crafting Weapons has some issues been reported, we are investigating these.
Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)
Negative progress in settlement projects
In certain towns, large NPC groups are spawned next to each other.
In some rare cases, the Hideout Boss party might go missing.
Quests & Issues
Spy Party Issue has problems
The landowner needs access to common grounds quest gets timed out right after getting the quest.
Stop Conspiracy quest is not finished. We are aware of this issue.
During Train Troops issue, if you lose a few of the borrowed troops and send the rest back trained, the quest doesn't end, it just stays under active quests.
Train Troops quest might disappear from the list even if you fail.
In Rival Gang Quest, vlandia_town_a loads as it is in Siege.
When the players lose one of the raider parties in the location and rescue tutorial quest, the opposite party are not getting exhausted. Hideout problems are being investigated.
In Rival Gang Quest, aserai_town_a has wrong spawn points.
Army Of Poachers Issue related bugs are being investigated.
Rival Gang Moving In issue can not fail in some situations.
When Extortion By Deserters issue fails, the deserter party disappears.
In Rival Gang Moving In issue, party screen shows only the prisoners instead of troops.
Merchant Caravan Escort issues reward is not specified.
Capture NPC quests completion time is really long.
Family Feud quest target can offer the same quest.
Conversations & Encounters
There is a possible conversation loop on paying for peace.
There might be an error dialogue box when leaving looter conversation.
When we talk with NPC named Tacteos in the tutorial, he can be taken as a prisoner.
Players can be stuck in settlements after accepting a safe passage barter offer with lords.
Other Game Design and Game Balance
Some of the troops' skills are not finalized yet.
Overall armor and equipment changes for NPC's are on its way.
You cannot recruit Aserai Recruits from Aserai Settlements
Other - Miscellaneous
The player gains food while starving.
Vlandia culture boardgame has broken visuals.
Main Hero and his brother's ages in the logs are not logical.
With certain tattoos selected, your character might not be rendered.
Bannerlord icon does not appear on the taskbar after launcher got closed.
Some pots will break again in the training area when entering and quitting audio options.
Some texts and some variables are still missing from the game.
Can't reassign or unassign a key that's already assigned.
Some of the guard dialogue texts are missing.
Old dialogues and game menus are being removed.


Some of the troop idle animations for Multiplayer are broken.
Server & Network
Backend analytics data issue fixes are ongoing.
There are some users that can't log in with empty Login Failed dialogue boxes. This issue is being investigated.
Missing server database lock for battle server states.

Source: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/known-issues-updated.401168/



...Questa e' una lista preliminare dei bug a cui stanno lavorando ed e' stata preparata come "lista delle cose da fare" per i dev:...
Ottimo, grazie.
Personalmente quello che personalmente trovo più fastidioso è il malfunzionamento delle formazioni e il mancato salvataggio dei gruppi che si impostano. Per il resto mancano diverse cose ma, trattandosi di early access, devo dire che è già a buon punto.


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