[M&B2]:...Brevissimi spezzoni sullo sviluppo...-_^


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...Grazie alla segnalazione di TurambarMakart eccovi un breve video da cui si intravedono spezzoni di un gioco simile a Warband con grafica migliorata:...

...presumibilmente M&B2...-_^

N.B.:...faccio notare che questa notizia e' nata da forum Taleworlds tramite la segnalazione di un'utente captain lust e non da un'annuncio ufficiale della Taleworlds, anzi era apparso un video intitolato "M&B 2 alpha (in game)" oggi oscurato...



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DanyEle said:
Qualcuno ha capito quello che dice il tizio che parla  :shock: ?
Armağan : At first, at middleschool, playing games and creating little ones is maybe how I entered the gaming world. Of course these games were the work of an amateur. Later on, I studied Computer Engineering at Bilkent University. ( Private university, very well known.) And after graduation, my passion came back and I decided to start a serious game project.

Narrator : The game Yavuz created based on childhood dream, Mount&Blade has sold more than 1 million copies. The world is now fighting in a Turk's dream. (Had to say a nationalist thing, didn't they?) The war game, which was rejected by leading gaming companies at its alpha version, gained a revenue of 3 million dollars with the interest from Scandinavian countries