M&B: Warring Factions


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Hi, just thought I'd put a little topic up here.

I've been working consistantly on a Sub-Mod for L&Rs for awhile, I'll list some some general changes as thats all I've really done at the moment.

Khergit Khante has been completely overhauled, they are now a Muslim Faction (At the moment I have no particular name for them, so I left it quite vague. Forgive me if I offend someone.)

Rhodoks have been completely overhauled into a "Proper" Hospitaller Order Faction. Some examples of changes include:
There starting unit is no longer a mere peasant, but is an Initiate. These troops are better equipped than most starting units for the factions, however they require a higher weekly upkeep than the rest to counteract this.

Swadians are being changed into a "Proper" Templar Order faction.

I have merged the Templar/Ibelin trees in with the Swadian one while I continue to revamp and revise the overall tree of them.

Nords: I have no real idea on what I will do with them, Suggestions, if you will.

Vaegirs: I have been attempting to convert parts of other Modifications so I can at least get a "Base" for them, as I would rather they be a proper 13th Century Russia than the current one.

General Gameplay Modifications:
- Recruitment amounts in villages have been changed drastically.
The recruiting variable varies between 4-5 to 60. I feel that this will make gathering armies much easier for the player.
Party sizes for everyone increased, AI Included.
Im still trying to get my head around the Economics of the Factions, but when I figure it out I will be upping them all significantly to counterbalance my changes to the Recruitment and Party size scheme.

Currently I have yet to recieve any guidance as to Porting items into this Sub-Mod of mine, if someone would be willing to help me on this, that would be great.

Also, please note that I WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT Release this Sub-Mod without getting permission from all of the Content I plan to use in this Sub-Mod which I hope will eventually be a real Mod itself.

Please post your thoughts, suggestions, Ideas and even ways to help me make my everlasting dream of this Mod come to fruition.

Thanks again everyone, I know its not very detailed, but I'll work on it as time passes!


PS: Currently I have to redo all of these changes due to a Computer screw up, It didn't take me very long to change the factions the first time around, So expect the Sub-Mod version without any other Content aside from L&Rs to be released in a Week or Two, time permitting of course.