[M&B][S] H.O.T.D. (ZOMBIE MOD) Version 1.2 Out, Download Today

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you should remake models. some time it eat ram to rag the computer.
the weapons it should not to more 2000 face.
the body mash should not to more 3000 face.
the pops mash should not to more 500 face.

and the new mesh should be reset normals.
I actually forgot to post about this here but I'll do it now, I would just like to inform you guys that im retiring from modding. I just got burnt out working on mods for years and it just took it's toll on me, I hit brick walls a lot everytime I wanted to do something. I don't think I'll ever come back but I have moved on to something else, I am actually translating Japanese video games with a Japanese guy I met on moddb and progress has been going really well. At first I struggled to grasp the concepts of romhacking and how to implement changes in general but with help after weeks of forum posts I pulled through.

Fast forward months later and I've translated more than 75% of a game and made two translated releases, I now know my call and this is actually something I enjoy doing while modding on the other hand became quite depressing for me. Im posting here to inform you guys and to know what you think because I've been here for years and am interested in your opinions, that doesn't mean I don't check up on mods or anything like that because I still check around here and moddb every couple of days. Anyhow if you want to follow what im doing now just check me out on romhacking or follow my blog, thanks for reading guys and I hope you wish me the best of luck.


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Captured Joe said:
Sad to hear things didn't go well. Best wishes and good luck with your new projects!

Yea I got real bummed out about it but im moving on so all is good and thanks.
MountAndBladeWarbandAddic said:
guys can you help me iam always getting this error unable to open commonres/costumes_a.brf how to fix this guys plz help me i want this mod
:smile: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

For the love of god, your trying the M&B version on warband. Get the warband version for warband and try again.
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