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[M&B][S] H.O.T.D. (ZOMBIE MOD) Version 1.2 Out, Download Today

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theinsane4 said:
I left this mod for a while glad to see that it is still under work and nice job so far.


Saya Takagi Glasses
Here's the glasses for saya takagi, she is a companion in the mod.

Bigger Breasts
Big enough yet, I think it'll do.

New reload pistol animation
From Calradia Modern Warfare, way better than the native one.
I uploaded the new updated version of the mod, here's the links.


Alternative Dropbox Link
Baseball Bats 1
Here are some baseball bats I did yesterday, you'll find the rest below.

Baseball Bats 2
6 more baseball bats, I managed to squeeze 10 in total onto a 1024x1024 image so that's about enough. I like the orange AMP bat the best, I hope you guys will like these when you have a chance to use them ingame.

If there are any weapons you would like to suggest then go on ahead and I'll see what I can do. I am also going to edit the female costumes and make them bigger and more rounded (Just like Yuriko Takagi's outfit), this is based on HOTD after all.
Hahah considering I myself don't feel like reading 75 pages of replys this in fact does have quests right? Or is it like a open-world survival mod? Doesn't look to bad IMO keep up the good work!
CaptSkillzzz said:
Hahah considering I myself don't feel like reading 75 pages of replys this in fact does have quests right? Or is it like a open-world survival mod? Doesn't look to bad IMO keep up the good work!

Well I didn't add any new quests as I don't know how to but the regular games ones are there. The mod is more open world focused than on the quests, I never even did the quests in the base game.
Here's an update.

You got red on you
Shaun of the dead anyone.

Takashi's Baseball Bat
A metal baseball bat, the old one was done with paint ages ago so I decided to redo it with a proper texture. The light you see on it is just the shader used so that's not on the texture but will appear ingame.

Just FYI it say's SBB and winning stage pro on the bat, here's a link to the old bat so you can see the difference. Nearly 2 years ago and the mod has come far since then.
More Bigger Breasts
Are these busty enough, I'll leave them this size as they're big enough. I know this is the real real why your all following this mod. You can also see the old models and how different they are now, the uvmap may be a bit smushed up around those areas but what do you guys care bigger breasts right.

Police Riot Shield
Just a simple police riot shield that I did today, didn't add in the circles because it looked kinda odd. Guys on moddb said add the bolts as that's what holds up the handle and whatnot so I did, pic updated.


New Mop Pole and Back of Riot Shield
I redid the mop pole as the older one was poorly textured and modeled, it's actually round this time. It was also over sized but this one is fixed, I added some reference pics for you guys also. I added the back handle onto the riot shield so it's proper now, here is link to older mop pole.
New Shield Icons
New shield icons, did them since the mod now has a shield to use.

New Female School Outfits and More
Here are the bigger breasts version of the female zombie uniforms, also two other zombies uniforms so you know they use different costumes with blood on them.

Riot Helmet Model
This is the reason why I mostly stay away from modelling anything that isn't buildings or simple objects. Couldn't find any riot helmets on the internet to use so I had to create my own and it look really terrible, I've still got to edit some bits here and there though but it won't get much better than this. I also have to add the chin strap which I'll add soon.

Sir_Don_Quixote said:
Does this work for Warband 1.53?

Don't get me started, does it say anywhere that the mod is for warband. I mean it does say M&B above so obviously not for warband, also I won't be porting it to warband. Anyhow here's an update.

Riot Helmet Textured
Badly I might add, these aren't my strong points when it comes to modding. It should look better ingame though with the environment map on it, also added the chin strap.

Riot Helmet with Environment Map
It looks kinda weird so I'll just remove the shader and leave it with just a specular map, it lights up everything on the model even the back leather flap and chin strap. That's due to the shader and you can't make it only appear on the helmet itself because M&B does not feature multi mesh.

Ammo Box
Here is the new ammo box that will replace the old cartridge. I did the model and added an overlay to give it some depth but the core texture was from here. More resident evil references.
thomasNL01 said:
kabogh said:
Sir_Don_Quixote said:
Does this work for Warband 1.53?

:lol: :lol: :lol:
It's for mount and blade only, thats why its in the carthographers guild board, and not on the caravanserai-something board.
All mods on this forum are for mount and blade only.

Exactly, anyhow here are some pics.

Ammo Icon Ingame
Here you can see the new ammo icon ingame at the bottom right corner.

Police Investigation Uniform
A new outfit that I made for a new police lord.

New Health Bar
I hope you like the new changes to the hud.
kabogh said:
I noticed you earlier models and textures were very crappy and now, look at the gold you're showing us recently!

Yea back when I started I didn't even know what I was doing and my textures were made with paint but now I know how to at least create a basic/decent texture.
Japanese Torii
For a new scene im gonna make, can you guess what it is.

Starting new Traditional Japan Location
Im gonna use the traditional buildings that were used for the takagi mansion plus some new stuff to create a new scene for you guys to play in, what do you think.

Outer Walls Added
Now I just need to export this and get it ingame, then do the ingame editing and hopefully it should be complete. It is spacious so this will be better than those cramped streets to fight in, one team will start outside and the other inside. Everything here is also already uvmapped and textured so good.
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