M&B ONLY -Prophesy of Pendor 3.x FOR M&B V 1.011 - Consolidated Bug Reports

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1.  Please specify OS and error reports from Windows.  Both Windows 7 and Vista have been reported as causing problems.
2.  Did you edit any files in PoP?  Did you use other cheats in PoP?  If so, please specify what you did precisely.
3.  Do you have any mods installed in Native which modify troops/gameplay/other conditions?
4.  Did you install any other mods which affect sound or visuals in either Native or Prophesy of Pendor?
5.  Did you do a clean install of Native 1.011 in a separate directory after checking the threads here to make sure your 
    Native install is not corrupt?  Did you put ONLY POP in the modules file of the separate installation of Native 1.011? 
6.  Do you have audio codecs which might be problematic with Native M&B?  Apparently, there are some in Vista/Windows 7.
8.  If running either Windows 7 or Vista, did you install the game as administrator?
9.  If so, have you set compatibility for M&B 1.011 to XP?
11.  Did you use any of Magelord's tweaks designed for Native?  (Many will crash PoP.)
12.  Did you read the list of those modifications and edits for POP which have been tested and found to work?

(Please also read the Game Breakers list before posting.)

1) Many weapons without them before now have LODs, which has eliminated crashing during battles in our tests.  If you crash during a big battle, before you report the problem, try reducing ragdolls and corpses and set Battle Sizer to a lower level if you're using it, try going back to DX7 instead of DX9.

2) If you still have problems, please report the following in the bug thread:

a) Who you were fighting
b) Number of your troops and of the enemy troops in the siege or battle
c) Location of the battle
d) Specs of your machine and video card, how much memory, etc.
e) Specific details of a non-battle crash, such as taking to a particular type of troop or npc

Specs of your machine and video card are important.

This will help find the problem. Saying "my game crashed" without specific details will not help locate the problem. If you can, keep a save game to send our techies. If you have an older or not very powerful machine, save before battles. If you get the "face of doom" screen, it is an Nvidia issue, not a PoP 3 issue. Other issues may arise from ATI video cards, which have always had issues with M&B, but we have tested POP 3 with both.

3) Make sure POP 3 is installed into the modules folder of a clean, un-modified in any way M&B V 1.011. (NOT Warband!) If you already have a clean install of Native v 1.011 for PoP v 2.5, you can put it in the same folder as v 2.5.  Make sure you have the correct number of M&B files, as one of the mirrors for Download is incomplete.  Otherwise, you may get a prisoner bug or CTD not caused by POP 3, but caused by an incomplete version of M&B V 1.011.

Your Mount and Blade install is corrupted, if it is 377 MB in size when it should be 381 MB. Please delete your old M&B V 1.011 and install a new one, if this is the case.
This link is for the valid version:

1) Do not alter the codes in any way. PoP 3 has been extensively recoded and you will cause many bugs or experience crashes if you combine PoP 3's codes with tweaks designed for Native, or even tweaks which worked in PoP V 2.5, because so much has changed. Bugs caused by your tweaks to the code are not supported.

2) If you fiddle with the items or troops files to make certain items available to you or to increase troop stats and hp, remember that all your enemies who use that equipment or have those troops will benefit from your tweaks, to your detriment. All the armor, horses and weapons are in use in the game, many by your enemies. If your tweaks cause bugs, (which they probably will) those bugs are unsupported.

3) Do not add anyhing to the items file. We are maxed out. Your game won't load or will crash if you do. Please don't report this as a bug.

4) If you use certain cheats and get the Cheater's Achievement Screen, all your other Achievements will be disabled in your current game and you won't get the rewards they bring. This is not a bug.  You may wish to save before you use a cheat.  We are not saying which cheats trigger this, but a variety of them do.

5) Do not add any other mods to PoP 3. (Some which may have been "safe" for PoP V 2.5 may not be safe for PoP 3, due to massive recoding.) Doing so may crash your game. We do not support bugs caused by mod additions which we did not add ourselves.

6) Don’t support a Claimant. We did not change or fix the bug with that.  If you support a Claimant to a faction throne, the Native bug that frequently ruins the game will probably appear in your game. We strongly advise that you not back any Pretender, but instead go with a faction or go independent and avoid this nasty Native bug.
Problems with the Claimant line of play are not supported.

Reminder from MadVader:
Common Native cheats/hacks you don't need because they are in the game:
1. Make cattle follow you
2. Disable companion complaints
3. Talk to village elders from a village menu
4. Change your banner
5. Make more cattle available in late game
6. Allow inventory/party/player hotkeys in menus during sieges and joined battles
7. Prisoner price varies with their level
8. Weekly cost in party screen shows all your costs including garrisons

PROPHESY OF PENDOR 3 IS MADE FOR M&B v 1.011.  You cannot play it with Warband, so please don't report that it won't load. (Error message: costumes_a.brf error)

Stability Pack included in PoP 3 download for Vista/Windows 7 64 bit users:

Some, but not all (We do not know why), 64 bit users were experiencing crashes.  Mad Vader created a stability pack that changes key files  (The text files) of the game so that performance is optimized over graphics.  We removed many textures and additional scenes from this pack in order to circumvent the 64 bit issues.

We discussed at length this move and realize that it is a bandaid and not a true solution.  But since we do not have the resources or ability to reach into the engine code, then we will have to settle for this solution in the M&B environment.

The Good news is that the engine for Warband does not have these issues... so when we release there for PoP3.0, it will have everything.  That is a few months out however.

To use the Pack:
Back up your text files and folders.
copy the files and folders in this pack OVER the existing POP install.
That is it.


Prophesy of Pendor 3.0 Consolidated Bug List
(Bugs should be added to the main list within one week of reporting. If you report a bug and don't see it on the main list within that time, please send me a private message.)

("Fixed" denotes bugs that are fixed in the latest internal build.)
(Unconfirmed denotes possible bugs that haven't been verified by the dev team.)

- Villages joining in battle have corrupt names
- The build menu can't show more than 15 buildings
- Jarl Adalstienn Goldtooth has cast Mass Charm on a mess of Agathon Legatus' Immortals and needs to have them taken away.
- Party members will not equip gloves, ammunition or shields when upgrading equipment automatically.
- [Unconfirmed] The Emperor holds a voting session to elect a new marshall, but then immediately picks someone else.
- Sometimes savegames can become corrupt and unloadable in the late-game. Going back to an older (15-20 days) savegame can fix the issue.
- Some town quests misidentify the town in the completion dialogue.
- [Unconfirmed] Empire Knights have 0 riding skill.
- [Unconfirmed] Marleons Heavy Cavalry have no horses.

- [Unconfirmed] In troops.txt "trp_pendor1v_05 Veccavia_Knights Veccavia_Knights" should be "trp_pendor1v_05 Veccavia_Knight Veccavia_Knights"
- Sir Jocelyn, when you pass over Poinsbruk he starts talking about how he misses the north and in one of the paragraphs he says "In Barclay as I child" when it should be "In Barclay as a child".
- Sir Jocelyn has an "UNRECOGNIZED TOKEN" in his dialogue. (Screenshot in post #40)
- Siggy: "No commander would even think of allowing to turn every battle into a bloodbath for our side!" needs to have the phrase "to turn" moved two words to the right.
- Rumor dialogue: ""Datuvahya Longshanks" is misspelled as "Datuvahya Longhsanks".

Bugs fixed in the 3.01 Patch

- [Fixed in 3.01] "Shalavan have united" should be "Shalavan has united"
- [Fixed in 3.01] "depthss" is "depths"
- [Fixed in 3.01] Unrecognized token in Tonky Smith rumor
- [Fixed in 3.01] The Al-Aziz Mines can spawn in an unreachable place (deep desert)
- [Fixed in 3.01] The Empire AI never goes on a campaign (except at the beginning)
- [Fixed in 3.01] Hero Spawns can sometimes have two heroes, such as Eyegrim the Devourer.
- [Fixed in 3.01] Heartbeat quests have incorrect names for the location in messages
- [Fixed in 3.01] Veccavian dialogs have wrong speeches; infantry polehammer equipped by Queen's Guard
- [Fixed in 3.01] Player kingdom village recruits are always Pendor recruits, even if the village menu says otherwise
- [Fixed in 3.01] Demonskin armor ("aqs_evil_armor"), LOD meshes not rigged, causing graphic glitches in battles with Heretics
- [Fixed in 3.01] Syla Uzas will never spawn (only as king mercenary)
- [Fixed in 3.01] Quigfen won't let you leave if you ask for item trade and don't want to give him a gem you have
- [Fixed in 3.01] Autoloot overestimates the difficulty of Masterwork Hunting Bow and other items with modifiers that have a base difficulty of 0
- [Fixed in 3.01] some female screams when a female troop is hit are too long (woman_hit_3.ogg, woman_hit_b_14.ogg,woman_hit_b_11.ogg), should last 1 sec or less instead of 3 secs
- [Fixed in 3.01] Villager parties travelling to town should be of the village's faction and not of town's faction]


Found something that couls possibly be a bug.Normally you can ask one of your stewards to recieve a baggage train once per 14 days right?
Well in pop3 you can ask for a baggage train once per 14 days per steward!So the more castles you have the more baggage trains you can get.


Floodzilla said:
Found something that couls possibly be a bug.Normally you can ask one of your stewards to recieve a baggage train once per 14 days right?
Well in pop3 you can ask for a baggage train once per 14 days per steward!So the more castles you have the more baggage trains you can get.

No,this was the same way in PoP 2.5 You can get a baggage train each 14 days PER steward. So the more holdings = more baggage trains idea holds true.


Mad Vader

HUtH said:
Ah, so there will be patch? Fully save compatible?

A save game compatible patch is what we aim for. Once you guys find enough bugs.
So far, no serious bugs, several minor ones, so no patch yet.


Found just about the minorest bug ever, its a typo for Sir Jocelyn, when you pass over Poinsbruk he starts talking about how he misses the north and in one of the paragraphs he says "In Barclay as I child" when it should be "In Barclay as a child".


one of my lords has literally a billion noldor rangers unfortunately for me...i cant take any from him lol and i cant tell him to do stuff cause he never listens
honestly, not sure this one is too important though it is kinda big because it doesnt do anything to ruin the game and doesnt affect my gameplay at all since i dont even have a need for lords
Vladimir, did you add any mods, or in any way tinker with any files, change troops with the troop editor or other things?  Something is very wrong here - this is not how the game works.  Are you still playing the Beta version or PoP 3?


here is a pic of the insanely huge party:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

i followed him around a bit after i took the pic and he went into the castle i gave him and i put cursor over it and it said his party was like 302 or something i checked garrison to make sure he didnt now have a castle with a billion guards and there werent any noldor there so i think it fixed...


MY EYES! What's with the all negative shiny colours and stuff?

Something's terribly wrong



Ãbyss said:
MY EYES! What's with the all negative shiny colours and stuff?

Something's terribly wrong

oh the colors and stuff...that's my (excuse this)****TY graphics card...been saving up for a good one...i would take the card from my old computer but its not compatible w/ this one


Sergeant Knight at Arms
wooow, that's Pendor after massive radioactive rain. Vladimir, haven't you thought something is wrong with your game?

Edit: graphic card did it? Odd.


trust me, it is this card cant play COD4 and can make runescape and ijji games look bad
and its not the game downloading wrong because since i have had this computer M&B
has been un-installed and re-installed twice


are you sure it's ACTUALLY a bad gfx card, and not just a bad seating in the slot, or maybe a poor connection with the cable?
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