M&B Napoleonic Wars dedicated server problems

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Recently i bought dedicated server for M&B Napoleonic Wars and i have some issues with it.I can't set the limit for some units like sailors/surgeons or few units from the infantry.I want to lock every unit except cavalry and generals but i can't find a solution.
Here is my config:
use_class_limits 1
class_limit_player_count 1
scale_squad 0
limit_grenadier 0
limit_skirmisher 0
limit_rifle 0
limit_cavalry 16
limit_lancer 16
limit_hussar 16
limit_dragoon 16
limit_cuirassier 16
limit_heavycav 16
limit_artillery 0
limit_rocket 0
limit_sapper 0
limit_musician 16
limit_sergeant 16
limit_officer 16
limit_general 16
Thanks for help,
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