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Recently I bought a gog copy (next to my CD version), because there were some problems with the servers.

Short question:
I would like to ask for some help to restore the original M&B font in the gog version.

Long story:
The gog installer works flawlessly, except for one problem. The original Mount & Blade font in game is changed to a different typewriter-ish font. It makes texts
- longer, so some don't fit in the text boxes, as they were optimized with the original font
- thinner, so settlement names are harder to read

I searched the forum, and I found the same issue from 2017, but with no solution.
Luckily, the poster made some screenshorts, so I don't have to:

Thanks a lot for considering!


IT looks like a Chinese font. Any chance your OS's language is Chinese?

Hi, my OS is hungarian. Central european if that matters (é,á,ü,ű,ú,ö,ő)

I tried deleting the font, manually copying over the font from my non-gog copy, and than it reverts to chinese letters, like for the user in the other topic.
At least some asian, I'm not sure it's chinese.

It is for the gog download only, my regular copy has normal M&B fonts. (however, I have activation issues with my CD/non-gog copy, that's why I bought a second, gog copy in the first place)

Got back from work, and I can confirm that my windows10 is fully hungarian.
I also checked the gog download. It was not updated since then, it is called "setup_mount_and_blade_1.011_(13720)". Don't know if it helps.
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