M&B 1.011: Characters Dying in New Town Causes Game to Crash!

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Like the title says: I have added a new town to my mod, and if any characters die in the Town Center, even bandits during ambushes - and even training dummies if they are destroyed - it causes the game to crash to desktop.

Any idea what might be causing this? :???:

I have several triggers that run in town centers, it MAY have to do with that, but before I eliminate those one by one, I am hoping someone else has had this happen, and can save me a little time.
You could try searching for "current_scene" and/or party_is_in_town in the scripts and mt files if you haven't already. It might be an animation or HP-related code coming into play in the town.

Apparently, the problem was being caused by spawning a companion in the new city, at the no. 5 entry point - switching the entry point to no. 8 solved it. :grin:

Thanks for your help!
UPDATE: Not fixed! :evil:

I am still having the same problem...

* If anyone is killed with a ranged weapon in the new town the game crashes - this includes when fighting guards and using the throwing knives provided.

* This doesn't happen in any of the vanilla cities, so it must be something I have missed in the making of the new town.

Have any of the rest of you had this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help! :grin:

EDIT: Checked, and this does not seem to be related to any of my mission template triggers, as I have commented out all of their references in the "town_center" template and the problem still happens - it seems that dying in the new town center simply randomly crashes the game. I must be missing something...

To clarify, I did just create this new town, so it is highly likely that I did miss something. If anyone knows of a comprehensive tutorial on how to make a new complete town, step-by-step, I would much appreciate a link!
You're crashing in a scene - because this is in the context of singleplayer it's not a synchronization error.
Therefore one or more of the following is broken -
[list type=decimal]
[*]The mission template - you probably already ruled that out
[*]Scene props - usually they just glitch out due to overlapping collision meshes or bad triggers
[*]The scene itself - again, most of the time it's graphical and doesn't cause crashes by itself. Leads to other errors with scene props and items
[*]Items - while most triggers are handled in the mission template, there are a few item triggers that may cause the same problem as scene props
[*]Menus - mostly this relates to passages and how the mission is being set up.
But the crash only happens when someone dies on the map, and only sometimes - that is why I thought I had it solved a couple times there. And nothing else crashes it.

That is what is confusing me. If the crash happened after a certain amount of time or if I made contact with certain scene props I would understand. But I first noticed the bug when I added training dummies - even they trigger the bug once knocked down. They have since been removed, but the crash remains...

Basically at this point I am hoping to find someone who has already experienced this problem and knows why it occurs. Otherwise I am rather lost as to what to do. :???:
Update: Well I tried replacing the scene for the new town center with another town center and i didnt get the crash - so it must be related to the scene itself or the props present. I am experimenting with removing a few collision meshes and using barriers instead, to see if that will help...

I am actually rather glad there is progress on this now. I was getting a little worried there. :mrgreen:
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