Resolved M&B 1.011 activated game relegated to trial version + serial key activation issue

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Good morning,

- 1.011 enchanced installer
- cd key from disc version
- the last install is at least two months old

- upon starting the game (all separate copies. I have several because of mods) I get "game is currently running in trial mode"
- when entering the serial key, and clicking activate, an error message pops up (unable to connect to activation server)

- I checked the internet connection and it's ok
- I double checked the code and it's correct
- also tried manual activation, but the e-mail address ( is a 404 error

I assume that there is a server problem, but it is not really cool that my activated installs are relegated back to trial version because of it.

Thanks a lot for checking!


Ok, my "solution" was to buy a second copy of the game, this time on good old games. Now I have my disc version, and also gog download. The latter works, no activation necessary.
Not ideal, but currently it is €7, which is like a pack of cigarettes. Definietly a better deal than spending even more of my free time trying to fix it.

moral of the story: buy games without DRM.

one comment: I perfectly understand, that IT background is IT background, sometimes problems with logins happen. But. I really feel, that relegating an already activated copy of the game to trial version, because of a server problem is not fair.


Hellow. I need help with Mount&Blade simple version1101. yesterday i buy this game on website taleworld. i have check to prove purchase. When i start to play it serial key don`t work. ( is a 404 error.
I need to support. Steam store doesn`t work too. So sad.
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