[M] 1866 mod for Warband multiplayer v.5 - Unofficial patch for 1.132 available!

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The map looks nice, I would like to include it in the next release. Just send me the .sco file and tell me which scene you edited. Also, please remove the barriers. I can add a drowning script that prevents players from going underwater, but those barriers would also stop bullets (right?), which'd suck.


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Highlander said:
The CSA faction, cannons and a persistent world mode and of course it'll be ported to the latest version.
Though basically finished, I don't have the time to do a quick test of all features right now.
Does the Persistent World mode lag? Because that would be a huge disadvantage. I would like that mode to be in, but I wouldn't like it if the players would lag a lot.

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Persistant world maps always lag due to their large object count. You just have to turn down the graphics until it plays at a comfortable frame rate level.

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It used to lag for me pretty bad too. I just bought some more memory for my PC so now things run nice and smooth, but here's a little trick I learned from somewhere.

In your rgl_config.txt (on my PC it's located in ...Documents\Mount&Blade Warband) but you can run a search for it if it's not in that location.

You will see something that says

render_buffer_size = (#) - by default I think it is 15. I set mine to 150 because I have a crappy video card.
Someone said to set it to half the number of onboard memory (MB) on your graphics card. So far I must say that it did make my game run a bit smoother, especially on Fantasy Persistant World mod.
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