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Aldwen said:
After days playing around with Thorgrim's Map Editor I finally have something to show for it!! I'm proud to present my first mod to the community, the Calradia Map Refinement!!

I'm a fan of Native and rather than spend my time playing the many mods for M&B I've spend my time tweaking Native to something that become more and more enjoyable every time I boot it. However Calradia itself was always lack-luster and rather boring, lacking any sense of "realism."

I downloaded and tried Calradia Map Makeover while I did like it there were aspect I did not like and over all I felt it could be better. Calradia Map Refinement my attempt at just that.

My goal in the Calradia Map Refinement project was to try and alter as little as I could when it came to settlement placement and general terrain layout, as to many changes would remove the "Native" feel, but at the same time make enough changes to drastically alter and liven up Calradia.

As a result Calradia Map Refinement is very similar to Native however I've done my best to make it feel much more "real." The steeps for example are no longer at the same altitude as the Swadian and Rhodok lowlands. Likewise the snowy mountains of the Vaegir are actually snowy mountains. I've also added in a few more lakes, rivers and forests.

Also while trying to keep the sense of realism intact I did move several towns, villages and castles slightly into more strategical locations while moving towns and cities closer to resources or roads. That's right, Calradia now has an actually road system! All major cities and most towns have a road either connected directly to them, or very nearby.

Without further ado, here is the map! *Warning, large picture!!*

A few more screen-shots...








*All in-game shots are using Punkt's HiRes Textures 2.0 with an altered steppe texture by me*

DOWNLOAD: Calradia Map Refinement V1.2
Version 1.2 is now up! Please redownload for bug fixes. Update is completely, 100%, save game compatible (Only with games already started on the new map.)

[quote author= Calradia Map Refinement V1.2 Readme]
-Fixed more "sticky" bugs where NPCs could become stuck indefinitely at a crossroads and other random locations.
-Bridge near Nomar actually fixed this time.
-Smoothed out the map removing almost all jaggedness and unusual changes in elevation.
-Flattened the steppes out creating more of a plateau over the somewhat hilly and mountainous older version. This is an attempt to fix the battle maps from always appearing as mountainous. Fix also applied to the Vaegir mountains.

-Fixed a bug where in NPC parties could become stuck indefinitely at crossroads until the player spoke to or scared the NPC
-Fixed the bridge near Nomar. Both the player and NPC sometimes had difficultly crossing it
-Minor cosmetic fixes

-Initial Release

This mod should be relatively bug free as all I've done is changed the map. I have play tested it for a while and I've yet to see anything unusual, but I may have missed something. If there is something askew feel free to let me know. If something explodes, or otherwise catches fire call your local fire department.

As of right now this mod is not save game compatible. Since I moved towns and castles around and made landscape changes around those movements there is a good possibility that saved games will load with towns and castles in strange or unreachable places.

I will in the future however release a save game compatible version. No set date, however I will start working on it. Since I tried to change as little as I could the fixes shouldn't take more than a few days, however work and RL may delay such a release.
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