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Welcome to the Ludus!

Ave, and welcome to the Ludus Libertas, one of the uprising Gladiator Schools in the land of the Republic of Rome. We seek to provide entertainment for all of the world through our games, where victory is won by blood and sweat. Currently we are based in Apollonia, where we take volunteers for our games to either fight in tournaments, single combat, or wish to join our school. As long as the people demand our games we will provide them with distinction and honor. If you wish to learn the ways of combat, we will teach you, but for a price. If you wish to fight with us, we will grant you the honor, for a price, if you wish to fight in one of our tournaments, you may. For a price. But if you are to emerge victorious, all money collected by contestants will be split between you, the Victor, and the Ludus, as without money we cannot maintain the games. We who are about to die salute you!​

What we do.

Our goal at Ludus Libertas is to hopefully maintain gladitorial combat in the mod, even though there are specialty events, the idea of having games open more often has been asked for. We seek to host a variety of games, with a variety of rules which will be added later. For now we will hold group fighting, and single combat tournaments in which contestants pay a fee to buy in to, and will win a percentage of upon their victory. WHen we are not hosting a game, we are more than happy to practice combat with you, or take you in our ranks as a Gladiator.​

The Rules.

The rules are simple, don't troll, and stay in your RP Character as often as you can. In terms of actual COMBAT rules:

Surrender is an option: Hold a down block, walk back, and simply say I yield.

The Ludus Magnus (Myself) Get's the final say in if the surrender will be accepted. If not, the surrenderer will be executed by his opponent.

Men of the Ludus will train you if asked, but for a price.

Have fun!​

The Games.

We will host, at first, two major types of games. Group Combat, and Single Combat. The rules for the games go as follows:

Group Combat: Contestants will first be broken into teams of at least two, but numbers will be decided upon the number of people who join the game. Two teams will face off at a time, until only two teams remain, but if a team mate dies in combat, he is out of the competition. Once just two are left, they will fight to the death. There will be no option to surrender. The victorious team divides the profits from the tournament.

Single Combat: Contestants fight one on one until only one stands. The winner get's the prize money.​

The Ranks.

Ludus Magnus
The owner and head teacher of the Ludus, in charge of funding the tournaments and his Gladiators.

A Rudiarius has gained his freedom from the glory of fighting in the arena. He is been granted his wooden sword (a Rudis) and granted his freedom. He stays to train future Gladiators.

A Bastuarius is a Gladiator held in the highest esteem, a Funeral Gladiator, who has gained such renown that he only fights at the funerals of great political figures.

Fighting in Greek fashion, the hoplomachus uses a spear and shield to fight his foe, keeping him at a range.

Armed with a Gladius and Shield, the Murlillo get's close in with his enemies and uses speed to his advantage.

Similar to the Murmillo, the Thraex seeks to get in close with his foes, armed with a small round shield and a sword.

The Cestus is a boxer, fighting to the death with either spiked gloves or his bare fists.


Lvdvs Magnvs Marcvs Atillvs


Joining Our Ranks.

For now, just add me on steam at DarthTaco, or talk to me ingame.




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Yeah, hoping to do some recruiting today for the group once I get on. I have a few things to square away for Tritus first.


Good luck! If you need a teamspeak to use contact me - Random`e on steam


Im with Suicide Silence Profile picture, if you can't find it just pm me your steam ill add you