[LSP] Zulu and British items


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This is LSP. The only limit is that none of the content in this pack must be used for commercial purposes.

Here are some models I made for my custom AZW mod :

Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/bcogsk51aki0700/Reyne_Victorian_OSP.rar/file

Some images :

Zulu weapons :

British swords :


Gear : webbings, bottles, bags ...

Guns :

A tent :

It includes :
- zulu spears and axes
- british weapons : a lance, a revolver, swords and bayonets
- hats : pith helmets, forage caps, straw hats ans bush hat
- gear : webbings, bottles, bags, holsters, pouches, ammo belts ... everything you need
- 2 cannons fully "rigged" for NW with accessories
- a bell tent

These items are made to fit uniforms from Blood & Iron 3.0 (careful not OSP) so they work well together. You mighy have to fit the gear to your own meshes.


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Good work, it's always nice too see some new LSP packs!

And I'll definitely find a use for some of these. :grin: