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Hi all! I recently finished my final year student project and I thought, because I love this community so much I could share some props for Bannerlord Modders. It's going to be [LSP] as I want to keep tracks and control of my work. All the items have been made for UE4 and need to be slightly reworked to be fully implemented in the Bannerlord workflow.

Full project link



For now I'm just wondering if you guys are interested in these assets ? Let me know in the comments.

This is what I'm going to provide.
  • A 3dsmax scene with all the props
  • Each mesh in FBX,or OBJ format (others if needed)
  • Textures for each mesh (some meshes are packed together, I also need to check the AORM order)
    • Basecolor
    • Normal
    • AORM (R = AO, G= Roughness, B= Metallic)
    • Metallic
    • Roughness
    • AO
    • Opacity
  • Screenshots & renders

  • You may use these assets for non-commercial project only.
  • You may use these assets for Mount&Blade games only.
  • You have to give creator credit.
  • The creator may always revoke these rights/may revoke the rights under X conditions.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a pm.

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Looks great! I am liking that bow and arrows... and everything else :grin: Thanks for sharing!
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