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Loving the Skirmishing Unit Changes!

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Even if nobody else turns out to agree with me, I just want to say I absolutely love the changes to throwing weapon classes! I’ve been playing them nonstop all evening and it has been an absolute blast. (Although I’m curious as to why the brigand saw so little change.)

The new perks that allow you to further specialize in either kiting/harassing, saturation fire, or first-line screening really let these classes finally shine.:grin:

Thank you Taleworlds- you might not get much praise or positive feedback but you’ve definitely earned it in this case.


I still think they are a bit on the weak side, but I have only played them a few games. Really like the changes tho. They are certainly going in the right direction.


(Although I’m curious as to why the brigand saw so little change.)
Agree with you, also little confused on the Brigand.

The Brigand still has a very low unit count, actually became a tad slower, lost his improved axe, and only got improvements to his Throwing Axe.
He still only gets 5 javelins on the Marauder, and Throwing Spears are still useless.
He's got the lowest melee damage output of any Skirmisher now and some of the worst shield options.

Throwing Axe buff is definitely good in a very very specific situation, but its certainly not game-breaking and doesn't carry the Brigand lol.

Not a huge change in that it was always the worst skirmisher, but now several other skirmishers are very good.
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I forget modes that aren't Captain exist.

Disregard for other modes, they have their use there.

Main problems with Captain having throwing spears on skirmishers is that they now can't throw their other **** if they want to keep a spear, at which point you should have just take Varyags, and the AI seems to have especially bad aim with the slightly slower moving Throwing Spears (Also can't reload Throwing spears as you can javs).
I'm not convinced that any Captain mode Skirmisher should have a throwing spear rather than a normal spear, like Wildlings used to have and Skirmishers get now.
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