B Fantasy Lotr: Blood İn The West (V 0.25)

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Amazing work!  J.R.R Tolkien would be proud! 

I am curious,  is the beta going to be just multiplayer, or is their going to be singleplayer too.
The scenes look fantastic, but the only thing is they look a little too big?
Overall I can not wait for this mod and it looks superb, keep up the good work guys :grin:
killerrabbit said:
yes, he's right.

The Nazgûls are the black riders, and the Fellbeasts are the sort of dragons.
Also, I would rather use the Nazguls as lords not as units.

And I would completely close the helmet off. It looks horrible to have a human face in there.

Nazgul as units arent a half bad idea, since even thought according to the books, there were 9 (?) and frodo almost became one by simply being stabbed, so whos to say the nazgul dont go around stabbing people for hobbys?
And definately, seal off nazgul helments and give them gloves so we cant tell that they are human  :lol:
Frodo almost became a Nazgul cause he was a ring bearer like the 9, or it would have killed him who knows :razz: I havent read the books in forever.
Neither is true holding the One ring for houndreds of years he would become like Smealgal or Gollum as hes more commonly known. the only time Frodo was in danger if becoming a wraith was after the with-king stabed him on weathertop with the morgul blade and even then he would be a wraith not a Nazgul . he would not be as powerful as the 9 . Therefore units created in that way are not Nazgul they are simply Wraith
wasn't there a big bridge and water around there ?
nice work!!

however i agree with someone that posted before, the cities are TOO BIG,
it really gives a sense that the whole place is too deserted and unpopulated,
especially when its gonna take a long time to find someone to kill

other than that its really nice work. also i dunno if its alright or not but is it
possible to include the lotr maps of other talented modders here on talesworld?
i'm sure they will be glad to have their maps included in a complete lotr mod package
The cities aren't too big, if you can remember, on the top of minas thirit were only some guards and not the hole population of the city...also you can divide the city in two parts. During a Siege you also don't play in the hole city there are also three stages, the wall, the streets, and the great hall.
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