Losing too much money because of garrisons?

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I have a huge problem that I never thought would be a problem, and to explain it I need to give you the backstory.

So I started a unmodded Warband save and started doing quests for the Swadians and their villages. After a while building up my force, killing bandits I got the mercenary quest, took it and started fighting alongside Swadians. Swadia at the time was getting destroyed. Praven fell in the first 60 days to RHODOKS of all people, Dhirim was lost to Vaegirs and a lot of castles fell to nords. I helped as much as I could, becoming a vassal and fighting for Swadians, killing a lot of lords and even kings for atleast 200 days. However it wasn't enough. With Harlaus unwilling to negotiate peace, we were in a 3 front war. All that was left was Uxkhal. Nords came at us with force, and since there was only like 10 vassals left in Swadia, we met them in front of Uxkhal (I was marshal at this point). After a huge battle we lost, and the Nords took over Uxkhal, leaving us with a few castles. I left Swadia immediatly. There was no way to build my army back up because we didn't have any more villages.

I joined the Sarranids, and immediatly I got a village. 15 days later, I get Yalen. 10 days later I get a sarranid town that was under rhodoks. Slowly but surely I become the owner of EVERY SINGLE CITY in the original Sarranid teritory without being involved in occupying it. All of the cities already had 300+ garrison in them.

Problem? I'm losing 8000 denars per week because of all the garrison.

I have 4 enterprises all earning only 500 denars (the most I could get for some reason).

What the hell do I do?

Update: Just got Dramug Castle aswell, please help


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And you will also receive money from taxes on a weekly basis. There is the option of removing some of your troops from the garrison (reduction of the wages you have to pay). This works as long as you still have enough soldiers to keep the place safe


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You can also tweak the amount of money you get from your castles. The default is 1200 denars per castle per period- I changed it to 1500 for castles. It seems to me that castles should pay better than villages, which are also set to 1200 denars.

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Disband your expensive troops garrisoned in settlements and replace them with Tier 1 or 2 troops. You'll save a ton of money having only recruits and militia on your payroll, and with a good number of them stationed in a castle or city they will still act as a deterrent to any foes thinking of besieging it.
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