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Lords running around with 1 troop (bug)

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In Vlandia, and I am guessing other places. Lords are only running around with a 1 - 7 troops. They constantly get defeated by looters and can not go to surrounding villages to get more troops. It seems like they refuse to pull a base number of troops out of the Garrison.
So far the 3 main powerhorses it seems are Battania, Khergit Khanate, and one other not really sure who Sturgia? I am pretty sure it is because of the looters destroying parties before they can rebuild themselves.
I also heard it is there economies and the lords don't have the money to buy the troops. If it is that it might be a way deeper problem. In my opinion it is not that and it is just that around the towns there need to be guards to wipe out the looters, so these lords can go out and recruit, because I see them recruit all the time but they constantly get defeated.
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