Lords not giving quests like meet a spy or hunt down elite rebel anymore?

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I've only returned to playing Warband recently and I've tried but the lords/kings keep giving me lend companion quest or not giving me any quest most of the times, only rare case they give me train troop quest. I remember receiving quests like meet a spy or hunt down elite rebel troops years ago. Is it because a bug or something? Please help me how to get other quest like before.
There are many like that in circulation, maybe try out something more known and reputable (Steam Workshop is particularly known for being a place with many low-effort mods not found elsewhere).


Actually I've been playing Native Expansion mod.
Lords tend to give you more "grand" quests once you get high renown and hold numerous rich fiefs. So some of the quest such as deliver a letter or meet a spy fall off naturaly, but I think they might pop up once in a blue moon, though.
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