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I play many hours in this incredible mod, and one feature, what disappoints me, it's a very small number of defending troops in garrisons, after their conquest by Lord-npc and minor fractions. Weekly vanilla garrison troops grown is very low too, resulting in repeatedly recapture.

Is it possible to change the amount of troops, what NPC-Lord's leave at town and castle garrison after it's conquest, significantly? For example, vanilla numbers - 75 for castle and 150 for town - i will prefer range around 150-200 to castle and 250-350 for town, as default numbers.
The amount of troops left as garrison after a successful siege also depends on the overall size of the marshal force. If a marshal leads a force of meagre 1000 men, they won't leave so many as garrison, but if he commands an army of 4000 the garrisons will be pretty strong. It might also depend on how many surplus soldiers the lords in the army have, i.e. soldiers exceeding their actual party size.
I've seen Sarleon defeat Ithilrandir with his 2000 men prisoner stack of doom, making most lords' parties bigger than they would normally be, then conquer Poinsbruk and leaving 1000 men there.
If you want to mention tiny garrisons, what about when you initiate an attack on a castle or town solo and request it be given to you? no units you don't place yourself, yet if you don't ask for it I think it goes get a garrison, though this was also in native, so it may not be anything they can do to fix.
An unclaimed fortress gets a small inital garrison depending on your mother faction (if you´re vassal) or it´s pre-conquest fealty (if you´re sovereign monarch).
You/Your king has to pay for it´s upkeep but he/you won´t get the taxes out of it.

Still a great way to acquire a huge amount of cheap high end troops of a certain nation for an independent monarch as you don´t have to pay for them.

Afterwards, it´s reinforced depending on the original culture of the lord who owns it unless you run your own kingdom and told the lords to train their troops after your new custom or not at all, if it´s yours.  :mrgreen:

Garrison size depends on the actual wealth of a town and how many centers a kingdom owns - if it´s down to couple or one, all the weekly kingdom reinforcements go into that location and you end up with ~1400 head strong garrisons.
Thanks for answers! I think I played the older version of PoP (<3.611), because i had some garrison troops issues. Try to new one again!

To reply last post, i found a tweak, what change town wealth:
Will be it's work on Warband version?
I´d be suprised if it did, after all that piece of information dates from the MnB 1.011 era and you´re playing Warband.
It´s a different game.
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