Solved Lord's Hall minigame glitch

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When you ask people in the Lord's Hall to play a minigame with you, the pieces on your side of the table are not shown. It's not like your pieces are invisible, they are not there. Therefore you can't play in lord's hall.
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This thread is a big mistake on my part.
In past I tried to play a minigame and it was glitchy but I did not made a post back then. And now I wanted to post about it.
I confused 2 minigames and posted a screenshot the baghchal game which works just fine.
The minigame with the problem was the puluc the khuzait game, the board was not showing and I was unable to move pieces after I rolled the dice.
I tested the puluc game now but it seems to be working fine.
Please delete this thread.
If I'll encounter that glitch in the pulucgame again I'll make a post.
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