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I thought that the current follower system is kinda barebones. You can't really do anything with them, except gain passive buffs for your party, until your main hero gets some skills, or send them to a few quests.

Then I thought that in Crusader Kings II you could assign your own council that did things for you, for example send a steward to collect more taxes for you or a spymaster to plot against a enemy lord etc. System like this would work in Bannerlord too. It doesn't have to be as complex as in CKII, but some interaction with your followers would be nice.

In a nutshell you could assign a role for your follower, and then they would act as a party with special abilities.
I then came up with a vision for some possible roles you could assign your followers to. I will name them as they are in CKII for the sake of simplicity:

  • Chancellor
Chancellor visits other lords to improve relations with them. They could do this passively or you could order them to go for a specific clan/lord.

  • Marshal
Marshal roams around recruiting and training troops for you. You could call a Marshal in your army.

  • Steward
Steward grants a small boost in fief prosperity. You could either send them to a specific fief or let them roam around visiting your clan's settlements.

  • Spymaster
You could send a Spymaster with their party to roam around in enemy kingdom, while granting you vision by removing fog of war from where the Spymaster currently is.

If you have any ideas regarding a system like this be sure to leave a comment!
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