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In Progress lords considers villages as theirs when raiding

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No, I didn't use any mods.


1.5.4 beta
simply when the enemy lords raiding a village which player owns , if player comes near to rescue the village .lords considers the village as their own and the relation drops with their clan
how am I going to post images and videos. i have some
I uploaded the images , by the way lageta is my characters town I sended my save too
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Community Support
Community Support
Hello, you can upload the video to YouTube and share the link with us or you can send the file to us on http://upload.taleworlds.com:8080/ address. Please include the link to this thread so i can identify the file. I will inform the devs about the issue. Thank you for reporting it in.


Can confirm this bug on 1.5.4, modded, but also occurs unmodded. Some additional context, if you engage the lord within range of the village, the village will be treated as a village of the raiding lords faction and join in the fight with peasants of his faction type, regardless of what faction type the village itself is.

I defended a sturgian village that i owned against a vlandian lord, lost 5 rep when i interrupted his raiding, and when i attacked him within range of the village i was met with 60 extra vlandian peasants fighting the battle, which took place in the village.


I uploaded the images and the save file. if you didn't see them pls check agein
"Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Screenshot 2020.10.31 -"
"Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Screenshot 2020.11.01 -"
all the file names
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