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Castle Roleplay

Inspired by Persistent World
Dear Friends,

We are very excited to announce that our team is working on a new multiplayer mod for Bannerlord, called Lords: Castle Roleplay.
We are long time PW players and like you, we cant wait to start our modded multiplayer journey into Bannerlord.

Now, let's start out with a big disclaimer: This will NOT be just another PW mod with improved armours. The underlying systems will be overhauled.
This multiplayer experience will get rid of the annoying grind of "mining and then getting killed by a bunch of armoured guys" and domination of players with money.

It WILL however, allow for every player to enjoy their favourite aspect of a medieval life, whether it is the life of a soldier, the simple day-to-day experience of a hard-working farmer or learn the complexities and skill of a smith, or even become a Lord.
It WILL support both teamplay and freeplay. Whatever you choose.

Major features

  • Castles, villages and what we all want... MASSIVE SCALE WAR!
  • Innovative Economy System. Make fat stacks of them gold coins while helping your fellow teammates. Or don't.​
  • Innovative class role system.​
  • Building! Yes you can build a house. But why though? It's not what you think...​

What do these things mean?
- Well, we don't want to spoil everything, but you will all be in for a fun ride of roleplay, siege, crafting and some banditry!

This mod will only rely on scripting. We think that Native Bannerlord has enough beautiful equipment and props to satisfy our needs.

So... Are you ready? Are you ready for the upcoming Lords: Castle Roleplay experience?
Then stay tuned!

Lord's Regards,
The LCR Development Team
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