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Hey folks,

I just wanted to share my work / these maps somewhere it will be accessible for those hosting servers.

Some of these maps are derivative - that is to say that I am not the only one who worked on them, but at some point I did update or overhaul them in response to shortcomings I perceived. I do not claim the works as my own, rather I share them as community maps that belong to all of us in the WFAS community.
Therefore, I give other people the freedom to use and modify the maps, to host them and share them freely so long as they don't commercially profit from them.

This link is a .ZIP file I organized by gametype - it includes all Siege, DM, TDM, DUEL and Battle maps that were rotating on the WESTRES SIEGE circuit and other servers in 2015. They have also beenhosted on AK and Sparta servers over the years, so thanks to everyone who played, enjoyed, hated and contributed to the maps.
This was compiled in 2018.


This link is a similar compilation from 2015 and will have slightly older versions of some maps
2015 map archive

And lastly, here is a big repository with all the same files.
These files include versions of the map that were replaced at a later date, so if you want to play an earlier version it is probably here.


I hope to see you all on the field soon :smile:
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Lots of servers are still active on WFAS :smile:

Spread the word and maybe you'll still see the maps being played.
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