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When playing the game is baffles me that there are some Empire Lords who are friends with other cultures in the game. Before you go on a tangent, let me explain. The backstory is that the empire was betrayed by multiple factions in this massive battle that we never see but hear of all the time. So why is it that a Southern Empire Lord should have a Khuzait friend? The cultures literally have no impact on relationships and this should change.

Paradox entertains this idea in their Crusader Kings game with different cultures having negative modifiers for specific people. For example a French Duke would immediately have a negative relationship value of a Sunni Ruler of the same rank. I know religion is important in CK3 but culture is still represented. What is everyone's thoughts on this matter?
I agree, I don't think any of the AI lords should start with a high-relationship with anyone else at the start. We should see more "Enemies" than "Friends" in the encyclopedia and have the AI interact with each other and take normal penalty hits / bonuses for taking / releasing prisoners, voting against one-another for Kingdom Decisions, and what not.

I like the idea of a Culture bonus / penalty to relationships as well, adds more immersion and makes it just a tiny bit harder to cheese the relationship system. Historically (I know, I know: iTs JuSt A gAmE), nobility is prickly, I'd honestly be okay with *more* ways to damage relationships and less ways to improve them.
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