Lord Ragnar joined my faction....O_O

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This was hilarious. 

"Lord" Ragnar says to me:  You've heard of my bad treatment at the hands of King Ragnar...  Hmmm..

He's still ruler of the Nords too, which aren't yet defeated... :shock:


Perfect, now Sanjar is Lord Sanjar!  Can someone tell me how to post screenshots.  I have screenshots of both and I'd be happy to post them.  Also, there is a script error now.



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irman said:
This is the good twin.

The king is the evil twin.  :grin:
All the kings seem to be partyholics. King Ragtime (Nords), King Hilarious (Swadia), King Captain Morgan (Vaegir), King Gravy-train (Rhodock), Sultan Party-Town (ie: Shariz) and Scotch Khan.

Then again, it might just be because I tend to end their campaigns prematurely, since my 120 Sharpshooters should at least be considered a force of nature. Don't you just love besieging a vulnerable castle and, when finished, being invited to a big bash? Perhaps that's why old King Ragtime can't seem to hold onto any towns or vassals; he gifts himself 1/2 the spoils of war and expects the Jarls to go without. Even so, he can't afford to garrison 2000 troops plus have a party of 300+.
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