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I've a question. Does anybody know the escape chance of captured lords in your dungeon? Was at war with the Batanians as a Vlandian lord and filled my dungeon with about 8 enemy lords. But within a week most of them were gone.
Also why can't we talk to captured lords to negotiate their release?
Anybody have answers? I'm fully aware that it might be because it isn't implemented yet. Just wondering.




Agreed, I lost 3 lords in my dungeon pretty quickly. i think they should implement improvement options for the dungeon, limit the capacity and upgrade capacity with prisoner security as you upgrade The dungeon itself.

Whiskey Sour

If I had to get I would say it’ll be a tweak in the future. I started executing all of the lords to decent results: it started wiping out enemy clans entirely. I took over the Khuzait’s pretty easily after they only had a couple of lords that could field armies


Agreed, this is wrong. I had the same experience. What's funny though, is that a lady was in my dungeon after taking a town that had no lords in it. Soooo was she just a wife with no troops and the game automatically arrested her for me? I don't know, but she was gone within a couple days. I eventually stopped capturing lords and started executing all of them I could find, ending whole clans. Much more beneficial and efficient. Game of Thrones style. 💀


I agree without this change execution becomes the only option to "Defeat" a clan. I like to see to option to persuade a defeated lord to join your cause, either as a Vassal (if they are a clan leader) or Companion. Also, you should be able to reward your companions with castle/towns, thus making them Vassals.


Some good ideas! Do the devs read this section of the forum? Only problem with execution- surely executing all your captured lords will cause balancing issues late game?

Whiskey Sour

Snowball will likely happen anyway, whether it be you or someone else. I’m not sure how the AI does it without executing lords but we gotta do what we gotta do to win in this early release :twisted:

idk if they look but I doubt these Ideas haven’t occurred to them already


The uselessness of the dungeon is forcing me to execute those people. Sad, i would prefer more of taking them as my collection :/


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I lost three enemy lords on the short trip to the castle where the dungeon was located. Those guys were my prisoners for two hours tops. You would think someone with ZERO health wouldn't be so spry.
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