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The Problem: The amount and type of loot available after a battle does not represent what was used on the field. Causing your soldiers to attain better equipment than their commander. Highly un-immersive.

The Solution: There are several ways to fix this issue.
First and most simple, would be to check out the 'True Overhaul' mod series, Specifically True Item Values, True Battle Loot and True Army Costs, because the author has created a system that could potentially work to solve this issue.

Second option, create a looting system based on time spent sifting through defeated group, world time goes by as you loot, thus creating risk, then either offer options of complete, partial or special search options, complete offers the entire pool of loot, but takes the longest, partial, maybe half the loot half the time, special could be used to quickly search bodies for the most precious pieces of loot, maybe you can set what kind of item to look for (i.e body armor, leg armor, spear.)
I also just thought of this as an option, use the village raiding system. And make looting go through the same process, obviously faster, but i could see that working.

Im tired of fighting against top tier units and never being able to loot them. Yes the economy would need to be reworked, more denars in cities, price cuts for equipment, which needs to happen anyway. The base game feels to much like a mmorpg, than a rpg battle simulator. Its far to grind oriented, and does not reflect the reality of war. A battle should be worth it, at this point, they are not, the risk and reward system is out of balance.

Thank you for your time. I'll be sharing many more ideas ; )


Agree, everything should be available. But damaged. I mean real damage, modifiers that counts and not just is an ill-looking prefex to the name on the piece. "Rusty" swords break and, "Tatterered" armor smells... Stinks even. Negative modifiers should also ruin the look of the armour. and considerably reduce it´s effectivity ofcource. THe worst modifiers should make it look awfall, make it worser than a plain piece of the previous tier and ruin your moral and reknown-gain.

Most of my gear allways has negative modifiers. Because if I loot a tier 5-6 armorpart it has a negative modifier. Most of the loot does, correctly, have negative modifiers. And it's never worth bying a better for it´s full price just to get a better item-name and a few points of improvements, as this upgrade might cost me 100k denars.

I would like a system where it matters what you wear. Nobody would follow a general in rags and second hand trash whatever was the origional value of the item. Kings and lords has shiny armors, not soldiers common stuff.

I very rarely use items of tier 3-4. Niether for myself of my pals. The game simply does not offer me the opportunity to use them, because no charachters in the game ever uses them. The negative T5 gear are so much more accesable, as you quickly fight high/top level troop and loot damaged quality gear from them.

My suggestion:
  • Multifly the impact of the negative modifiers. A big plus if they are visible too.
  • Add penalties to party-moral and daily reknown to negative item modifiers.
  • There should be a negative modifier-tier that is "close to plain".
  • A system to refine armour. Remove modifiers at least. Costly but clearly worth it.


Great suggestions, I agree with you. The quality needs more depth. For now, if you wanna solve that problem partially with mods you can try “true quality modifiers” along with “true battle loot”. Go into the config of the modifier mod, I can get you the exact file. And you can tweak the cause of the modifiers that are present in the game already. I to don’t like that it’s just a side piece of the experience, so I tweak the modifiers to create a little more immersion for myself.
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