Loot Castles and Towns

Should you be able to loot and raid Towns/Castles?

  • No. the current way is fine.

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  • Yes. Less talking, more Raiding!

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I think it would be a cool game mechanic if once an army conquers a town or castle they have the option to plunder it the same way we can raid small settlements. I don't like that I am forced to occupy or own a town or castle once I take it as sometimes it may be strategically undefendable being days across Calradia from my own territory. I think that if we are given the option it would add more to the campaign experience. I think Lords and Kings should be more likely to occupy conquered castles that are near their borders rather than, lets say Sturgia being forced to occupy Aseri holdings in the south that they have no way of keeping or reenforcing. I think this can really work in Bannerlord and would really have a positive and interesting impact on the gameplay and map.

What are yours thoughts on this? Think it would work or would it break the game with raids and stagnant gameplay?

If any Devs are reading, is this something you have at one point considered or tested? If so what were the results?

*I also posted this in the feedback forums


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Let me take the entire contents of the town's market, yes please.


I think the short term payoff of the mass amounts of loot vs the negative relations with traders, merchants and influencers of the town would be pretty cool to play with.
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