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Hello there, fellow community members.

As me and a few of my friends are planning to start a new regiment, we are looking for some more people to do it with us.

"Why is that?", you may ask now. Well, as we have quite a bit of experience with the founding of new regiments, we have figured that you need a decent number of reliable men to start with, or your group will simply never really grow. We've also been doing stuff nearly exclusively together for some time, and would appreciate some fresh and "out of the box" thinking.

So, here are the details:

We will be an international, English speaking regiment, based in Europe.  In-game nation and troop type have not been finally decided yet, and a lot of other details are also still up for discussion. What is decided though, is that we want to create a fun, yet grown-up environment for experienced player as well as newcomers. We want to put an emphasis on decent historical accuracy, without exaggerating to the point where it limits the fun though. Our ranking system will be supposed to reward dedication, as we want to create a stable and lasting player base.

"And what's in it for me?"

Aside from the obvious little rank and position advantages that come with being in a regiment from early on (still being tied to your qualification though), you have the chance to create something new, and implement your ideas, that you otherwise not might have used, in a new project, and see what grows from it. (Also, you get to play with awesome people like me!)

As I've been absent from the community for quite a while now, most people will probably not know who I am. To give you and idea who you would work together with, here is some of my previous work:

Still interested?

Send me a M here on the forums then, or contact Skass25 on Steam.

However, please do not contact me if:

- You are less then 16 years old. (Preferably, you would be at least 18 years of age.)
- You know that you will lack either time or resources to commence playing in the near future.
- You are not able to properly communicate in English. (We are not expecting Oxford-English here, I'm not a native speaker myself, but we still need to understand each other.)
- You are a member of another group with the intention to recruit us.
- You are a general troll. (Stating the obvious here.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Hello there sir! I am a 19yr old experienced NW player along with many other strategic and fps games. I have 2 years of experience as a drill sergeant in my high school band and one year as a drum major (my band has an average of 300 members a year so...yea). I am a junior at Texas A&M University, which would mean that I am a NA player. If that is a deal breaker, I totally get it. I am a dedicated person who has been a part of two other regiments and have spent many a nights community building and recruiting. I know to do many things others cannot in the previously mentioned activities. My parents both work as database architects, which means I know my way around Excel and Access better than anyone you will probably ever meet (unless that is a critical part of their job). I do not know what else I could say in this text box besides I wish to be talking with you shortly to gain more information. My steam name is Zecmaster.
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