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Looking for competitive maps & information

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Hey all,

I'm working on a new project and I'm looking for some good comp. maps to include for general low-pop server rotation or any eventual competitive purposes. If you know of any good ones I could include except the ones listed below, preferably 6v6 maps, please post here. Also, finding downloads for some is a struggle, I'd appreciate a link to them if you have one.

The only condition is that they can't be Nord/Sarranid/Khergit themed maps due to a western Europe setting.

Dijon by Jeannot
Vendetta by Mia
Frosty Battle by Noxx
Reveran Village by Arch3r
Snowy Hamlet by ?
Mountain Fortress by Thunderon
Fort of Honour by Sphere
Verloren by Azan
Castle Ruins by Stubbs
Khudan Outskirts by Stuboi
Port Azur by Ryurk
Aldea Dumar by Oliveran
Beairteas by Kern
Bhaile by Kern
Castellum by Mitchell
Desolation Valley by Azan
Gosgrad by CmK
Gradnica by CmK
Legacy Town by Zaffa
Naval Outpost by Firunien
River Village by Reggae
Tannenberg by Firunien
Egiin Gol by Firunien
Ruins Rebuilt by Erminas
Prison Hill by Firunien
Harton Keep by Mitchell
Ghostbough by schubertt
Halcyon Quay by schubertt
Escape to the Country by schubertt
Trebizond by Black Dead
Frosthaven by Azan


Courtyard by Farkwad
Additionally, I'm looking for names of creators of the maps above so I can properly credit them.

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Castle Ruins is by Stubbs
Aldea Dumar is by Oliveran

Prison Hill by Firunien:

Here are two more maps you could consider:

Steppe Village by Mitchell
Harton Keep by Mitchell
I don't have the terrain code. Mitchell or Greedalicious might still have it.


I've got this saved as the Harton Keep terrain code:
scn_multi_scene_harton_keep multi_scene_harton_keep 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x000000005000d795000350d4000011a4000017ee0000440d
And Ghostbough seems like it would fit your needs too :fruity:.


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Thanks again jon and schubertt, I implemented Prison Hill, Harton Keep, Ghostbough but also Halcyon Quay and Escape to the Country from your thread I found them quite nice.

I took a screenshot of Escape to the Country, looks quite nice(ignore the outer terrain that I've yet to replace):
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