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Hello there !
Im looking for a mod development group/team to join.
I havent done anything for bannerlord but i just quit modding GTA5, i have done interior,exterior designs and lots of interactive/animated props and clothes!
For sure i dont want any payment, i may be your jr 3D developer if you want to, just dm me in here!
My not fully prepared portfolio:
peds from another games a server room full custom model digital order blackmarket a hotel room perspective1 hotel room perspective2 an exterior design(interior was in progress but havent completed) custom shoes for most known gtarp server an interior for motor club medic field vest/clothing
More info about me
bazq, real name Kubilay
17 years old Turkish modder, i have been modding gta5 since 2018 for roleplaying. i have done a lot compared to my not fully prepared portfolio because lots of my files are corrupted but i can show my blender and 3DS MAX scenes.
Im generally using 3DS MAX but im doing sculpting and custom exteriors from blender.
Im one of three leaders of gta 5 turkish modding community.
i hope i didnt break any rules with this topic, thanks !
for more info you can dm me or my discord:bazq#2333
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