Looking for a clan, 2000 Hours on WB

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Hi there people, I've been snooping around the clan section for a while and either clans arent recruiting or dont look to be my kinda thing.

I want to play competitively but I'm not going to tunnel vision warband, I want quite a relaxed and fun experience playing competitively aswell as a challenge. Trying to also expand my knowlage of the great players that exist in warband and maybe pick up some really useful tips that I still may not have found.

Please post if you think you might be looking for someone like me.

Thanks, Saxon :smile:
If there is anything which come up to my minds, it would be IG (Guard of Istiniar). They're one of the oldest clan of the scene, still playing competitive, and quite relaxed I would say.

Other than that, I honesly don't know. The clan I'm in, is mostly composed of german people and we do not recruit at the moment (mainly cause we already have enough players for matches) and I think it's the case of many clans around the scene. So yeah, you should definetly give a go to IG.
DoF is usually pretty open to taking in new guys. 5 years strong and we are pretty much what it sounds like you're looking for.
Might be good to mention which timezone you are looking a clan for, if you are say Australian or American, a clan like IG (european) is not going to of much use to you.
Also highly recommend DoF. Their players range from inexperienced to highly experienced so you'll fit right in and not feel left out. Don't think I've ever met a DoF who's an ******* either :razz:. Since they're based in both NA and EU, timezone shouldn't be a problem.
DoF iz str0nk fwends to all

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