Looking at character traits while forming an army

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When you defeat a city or castle, there are options on what to do in the aftermath - do you pillage or sack? do you let it be?

Your choices have consequences for relations not just with the people of the city or castle you have captured... but with folks in your own army who might want to profit or otherwise from your decision.

If you are cruel to a city, and your army contains party leaders who dislike this, you'll quickly lose relations with their clan. As a kingdom leader, this can lead to issues, therefore the personalities in your army are important.

To my knowledge, when creating an army, there is no way to quickly check on the encyclopedia entries for party leaders. Only once the army has been created can you click on the character to bring them up. But by then you've spent dozens or hundreds of influence points.

The only option I can see to check on characters is to look them up on the Army Management screen, remember their names, or write them down, close the Army Management screen, look them up, then go back to the Army Management screen and add the ones you like.

Kind of long winded. Am I missing anything, or is there an opportunity for a really quick quality of life improvement here by adding a right click option to look at encyclopedia entries?



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