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Long loading times on the PS4

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Does anybody else experience very long loading times?

Every time I go from a menu mode to overview of the world map I have to wait like 20 seconds or something for it to load. For instance: I go into a village to recruit some troops, but upon exiting the village I have to wait before entering the world map again.

This seems pretty unreasonable since it has no problems loading from notes or inventory back to the world map, but from camp menu it is 20+ seconds of just waiting.

Warband on PC was never like this, so is this only only my ps4 or is this a general thing for consoles?

Mustafa Korkmaz

It is most likely about saving rather than loading but 20 seconds is definitely not normal. It shouldn't be more than 2-3 seconds. Maybe your PS4 hard drive is too fragmented? PS4 have a "rebuild database" option that you can try. Also, the upcoming patch will have an option to turn off autosaving which might help with your case.


Thank you very much! It is so nice of you to reply like this, not often you get that from developers it seems.
It is probably the autosave now that you mentioned it. Good to hear a turn off autosave is being implemented.


I had this problem on PS4 - solved by deleting a couple of other game titles of the HD.  I'm hoping this will fix the corrupted save problem I was having as well.
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