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Matthieu said:
Yep, lost both promotion games  :lol:

You know how I know I'm bein carried? The only games I win anymore are when I play defensive support, and just protect my hyper-carries. I've reached the point where my laning skills simply can't match those of the same elo (except as a support saving my carry's life, which is easy enough as Nami and Morg.)

Obviously, it doesn't help at all that the meta simply does not favour a bruiser main like me. Getting bullied by the likes of Lulu and Nid is simply no fun.
You know what really grinds my gears? When people in Diamond make lower elo mistakes. I can understand the trolls and raging. That's just human emotions.

Not knowing how to play safe, and not get snowballed, after misplaying? It's like back in Platinum.
Bot lane both dying because they got to lvl 2 later? That's Gold.
Splitting to flank in a bush, without checking it for ward? So Silver.
Chasing kills instead of going for objectives, and end up chasing so far, we end up losing 3-2 kills, instead of 2 free kills and a dragon? I thought we left that in Bronze.

I eventually got used to the trolling and raging because you get that everywhere. It's just human nature. You also have people feeding because, well, that's just part of being human and having bad games, and really, someone has to lose. Those are all understandable. It just boggles my mind when Diamond players lack the things you can usually take for granted in most games at this level.

Makes me suspect there are simply too many boosters up here.
Kawee said:
Not knowing how to play safe, and not get snowballed, after misplaying? It's like back in Platinum.
That's one of the most baffling things to me. It's understandable if you are laning against a Riven that got a double kill from a failed gank, or just getting focused by the entire enemy team, but aside that kind of extreme cases there really is no excuse for not being able to stabilize after losing out early on. It should be literally one of the first things you learn when playing this game: Stay under the tower if you are in danger of dying. By the time you are Diamond you should be able to also last hit and judge when it's safe to trade.

I dunno, maybe it's just the fact that I mained top as Irelia for half a season that helped me to learn how to not only play safe but keep even while doing so, but it's not like this is complicated. If I can consistently keep up with challenger level players in lane even when playing from behind, I should think that others could handle players of their own level to some extent.

Still, I really couldn't give a **** as long as they don't start raging about it/blaming others, so whatever.
People on lower levels of skill insist on  making plays and kills. Most of the time their concept of late-game is going down the mid, either killing or getting killed, dragon, fail baron, rinse and repeat.
Ugh yeah I have a friend like that. They'll start spamming GO MID GO MID GO MID even though we've lost every team fight and the only times we've won is when we've ambushed them. So I'm like NO, DISTRACT AND AMBUSH. But of course we're playing with idiots, so they just blindly follow.
Also, on a side-note, I was talking with a friend who's mid-silver. I dont evaluate myself as a better player than him, simply because we've played 1v1's with him, and he's far better than me in that sense of the game. But, the problem is that he thinks Tristana is a hard ADC. In my opinion, she's pretty straight-forward, just have a guy in front, Q, E, R if an assassin gets close, and W if he gets back. Is my way of thinking the correct one, though?
She's only "hard" in that most newer ADCs get some sort of AD-based poke ability, and she only gets auto-attacks. So she's pretty reliant on her teammate to let her get hits on the enemy. In other words, she's not great at harassing.
Evilnightz said:
I don't think any of the ADCs are particularly hard. Maybe Varus. The role itself is the hard part imo.
What? At a decent enough level, playing bruisers and tanks are way harder. Not necessarily mechanically, but tactically. Even with Jax or Irelia, trying to reach that Trist or Vayne with blade and support peel is ridiculous.
Mechanically, ad carries are quite hard to play but support is a role DEDICATED to make it easy for you. Now when youre support is not good at his/her role, it is one of the hardest roles in the game.
ADCs are no harder than other roles. The only "advanced mechanics" one must learn to compete at a higher level is orb walking/animation cancelling. Other than that, it's just like every other role where you improve incrementally in various aspects like CS-ing, trading, positioning, etc.
Positioning as ADC is more important than any other role. You need to avoid any focus coming to you, and spray damage to anyone coming to your path, therefore in late game proper positioning becomes more important to adc than other elements (obviously), and i think it's as hard as playing an initiator biding one's time. Too bad lower elo Adc's do nothing more than blaming support or other people after dying to a backline assassin, assuming Supp did its best trying to take the focus from you.
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