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Uh, should've made lux go top and then camped the **** outta her until nasus hit like a wet noodle.
You could've probably won that game easily to be honest.
ColonicAcid said:
Uh, should've made lux go top and then camped the **** outta her until nasus hit like a wet noodle.
You could've probably won that game easily to be honest.
A Gold V-Silver II Vayne isn't that reliable, mate. She's probably the worst adc to have in your team in this elo.
If you're good enough with Leesin, you can carry almost any game with him in low elo. When I was duo-ing with my Bronze friend (got tired of him complaining how he actually deserve to be in Silver) I carry like 80% of the games with Lee. Leesin, if you practice him enough, can carry you easily to Plat by being a one man jungle-countering, lane-(counter)ganking, objective-controlling, tank-carry-support jungler. Just make sure you win games by the 20th minute.

I know so many plat players who are only there because of Lee Sin and can't really compete with true plat players with anything else.
WW is not good in low elo me thinks. UDyr and Lee are better because they can start pressuring early. They can gank, take objectives, and counter-jungle (to the point of farming the enemy's jungler) very early on. There is no late game, if you play it properly.

In other news, I reached my highest ranking every today  :cool:

It's on Garena server though, so I don't know if that makes it any less impressive  :mrgreen:

Lee Sin is bad to carry games with. Leesin depends on his team to be able to carry him late game. He facilitates this by ganking left right and center and being a general pain in the ass. Depending on someone in solo queue is also known as losing.
Skarner is pretty much the strongest Solo Q jungler due to the fact he can duel like Leesin, he can gank like Lee Sin early and late game he's pretty much a unkillable tank that goes up to the carry, kicks them in the shins and pulls them around like a ragdoll before finally pissing on their dead corpse. Of course get into the higher elos and the enemy team just pull out Lulu and you can kiss your teamfighting potential goodbye.
Meh, I see Evelynn as the strongest one right now, together with Udyr, Skarner and j4

also, I'm almost plat4  :smile:
You're betting on the fact that you can push early and capitalise on your early and mid game power to get objectives and such a substantial gold lead that even if your team composes of mouth breathing keyboard head bashing halfwits they'll still win.

If you don't do this and in some cases even after you do this if the enemy team delays and you don't finish the game in reasonable time you'll lose because it's effectively a 4v5. You literally are there for your kick and if you don't land the perfect kick on an AD carry you may as well be split pushing else where.
Exactly. Udyr is great for splitpushing/taking solo objectives as well as peeling for the carries, although you got to know when to go in and out in a teamfight as he needs to get up close and personal to do any serious damage. I usually settle for slapping their carries and whoever else is in the path on the mouth with bear stance, backing out, turtle, rinse and repeat. Flame is reserved for cleanup or when the fight is obviously won.

I go Q W E, then max E because of more slow and also Qs airbone doesn't get longer by leveling it, so after it i max W for more atack speed and faster 3 hits for knock.
Generally on Xin I prefer Q first for taking your first buff since you should be getting a leash from your laners so the extra damage is quite nice rather then the attack speed from W, especially if you're already running some attack speed runes.  :smile:

In other news I managed to climb myself up to Gold 3 \o/ stopped here for now since I've just not really felt like doing much ranked lately, climbed up mainly with Renekton since he seems to fit my style with a lot of early aggression which is great fun, especially when you start proxy farming and they need to send the jungle and midlaner at you :razz:

Matthieu said:
If you enjoy proxy, play nidalee and singed.

especially singed is awesome, but nidalee is easier

Although proxying is fun to do I don't always commit to it, its normally the case if I'm just severely far ahead that I start to proxy, but Singed just isn't my kinda champion and doesn't have the same early/mid game impact I like either, I like to brawl quite often rather then run around as Singed although he is entertaining to play on occasion in a normal :razz:

And Nidalee... Well I just hate the champion in general so I  just don't play her, honestly feel like she deserves a bit of a nerf/change to her passive and Q damage/execute in cougar form.
her lategame is a lot weaker than her early and midgame. But if you get ahead you'll be fine late, seeing as she builds sorta like jax (only with a spirit visage for e instead of banshee)
I'm afraid to play, because I know I'm overachieving beyond my true ELO  :oops:

I've been stuck in D5 long enough to know I don't belong in D2  :lol:

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