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Hey there.
Since i cant post in technical support ima ask here.
I seem to be unable to login to Bannerlord multiplayer at all now.
The message reads "Login Request failed".
After the great disconnect bug that threw me out every 5 seconds i now am officially unable to even login to the main menu.
Any Solution Idea apart from reinstalling, restarting my router or veryfing my game files, because i have already done all of that.

I am trying to play in beast right now to finally be able to play one frikin Beast trough with actual playtime and now the game decides it wants to screw me over.
It is really hard to hold in the anger i feel towards Taleworlds right now especially since that half hearted custom Server statement.
So any solutions or possible fixes ? I am open to nearly everything and even bought a damn VPN to play again to no avail.

regards hansila

EDIT: Since i can post in Tech support again ima look there but i have absolutely no hope that it will get resolved. Since i am in Week 3-4 of the problem
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