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BUMP. same here, would be amazing if i could play the game at other times than 4am... everyday there is a new issue ... really gettin frustrated now
TW just blacklisted their own servers due to toxicity and racism in chat.

Joke referring to this.
Looks like the Warband community went way downhill since launch. I remember a game full of fairly friendly people excited to play M&B multiplayer, who enjoyed duelling with swords and jousting.

It's a shame to see chat dominated by a bunch of toxic bigots who enjoy ruining the game for everyone else around them (say, by blocking the chokepoint near spawn on horses).

Maybe some currently under construction notice? Though we are aware that this is still early acces and you guys need time to fix issues during normal workdays/time. Keep up the good work looking good!
It's fine now, I got back in. Think it was just because of the patch.
I'm not getting the failed login errors anymore, but there are 70-100 people in queue just searching for siege and I haven't seen the number dip or gotten into a game in around 30 minutes now. Hmmmmm. I'm being told the NA siege servers are down, so I guess that explains it
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We have worked to improve our server stability and performance, lobby issue and fixed a lot of them in the past. If you still experience these issues in the latest version of the game please let us know. Marking this thread as resolved for now.
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