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Prince Zanyr

Blood and Glory

  This is a mod, I worked hard on it, it's below along with it's features. Play it and post here. As is mentioned in the subject it is only a beta so there are things missing, those are listed as well.

VVV Re-read these as I've redone the ends of them VVV

Please understand this is a product of late night work and as such I have most definitely forgot dozens of things I've added or changed.

In current release...
New sound effects --- Artillery used in battles by you and the AI, use camp menu to build it, requires engineers --- New factions --- New merc tree --- New troops for all factions --- A good chunk of new items ---Zaro's Graphical Enhancement 2.5 --- New claimants --- Faster paced, better balanced, more intense combat (wont explain how I did it but it's in there) --- More varied factions --- New Map --- When you start a player kingdom you can now recruit your own lords and assign fiefs/ your factions culture --- Soldiers now have morale in the battles --- You can use certain hotkeys to put them in different formations in battle, box, line, etc. --- New user interface, your crosshairs are smaller, healthbar is now sleek and your shield icon only shows up when it drops below 20% durability --- You can find deer and boar herds on the map and hunt them for fun and food. --- Bigger player armies using test file tweaks --- companions don't complain --- redoing all dialogues --- Redoing all the companions --- New soundtrack.
Planned for the future...
  --- Bug Fixing --- Balancing --- Any good ideas someone can come up with I will try to implement. --- New bandits  --- more items --- I'm certain I forgot something.
Will add later
Download Link...
Up sometime soon.

  Have fun playing it as thats what I created it for, you  :smile:!


Here are the sigs! Credit to Lord Flasheart...





Fall of Denial

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Sounds fun.Ill download and leave feedback.
By any chance, did you borrow anything else in your mod besides the items?


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Imp said:
is this for 1.011 or 0.960?
He's been working on it for 4 days, so I am positive he made it for 1.011. Anyway, This seems too good to be true for a 4 day's work . . . Even more twisted is that I was doing about the same with my native o_O (Except for a few differences) I will certainly download this. >:3

For some reason, this tread feels like a gag. >_< I have certainly become paranoid.


Fall of Denial

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So theres The Order and The Council eh?

Re-read first post.Those guys will probably approve.Also, a little of background knowledge or storyline of the mod would be appreciable, or you can leave it to the players inmagination.


If possible, changing troop names to sound less generic would be a good thing.

Order sword holder, Council Gotlandmen...You could easily get rid of the Order, Council etc. bits, and it would look a lot better. If you end up with stuff like Order Crossbowman, *Faction here* Crossbowman etc, just change the names to something more original.

ITs one of those things that give factions more personality, which is good :grin:


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What is the problem?

try it again..

i just try that site and no problem...

Just fill the file bar and choose image.. then press upload..

Ben Hussey

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Make sure you credit Highlander and any other people letting you use their scripts or models on the first page. It's worth being polite, people will let you borrow more stuff.
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