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Sorry if I the question has already been answered, but despite combing the forums I couldn't find what I'm looking so I ended up deciding to simply ask.

I'm trying to tweak some formula in the game (thinking especially about the xp requirements, damage & armor and the price calculation), and despite spending quite a bit of time digging in the dll with ILSpy, I couldn't locate them.

They must be available somewhere, because I've seen people speaking of extracting and discussing them, but they never say WHERE they found them, so it doesn't help me.
Sooo... if a good soul could tell me which DLL(s) hold the formula and their full domain/path, that would be great !

Thanks in advance.

Edit : aaaand as usual, after spending hours upon hours of searching and not finding, it's just a few minutes after asking that I DO find at least one of them...
So if anyone ever wonder the same thing I did, the XP formula are here :
DLL : TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem
Namespace : TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.Sandbox.Gamecomponents
Class : DefaultCharacterDevelopmentModel

Now I'm going to look for the damage, armor and price calculations formula, wish me luck (or give me a hint :grin:).
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You should check Bannerlord discord, if you haven't - there's a coding channel where people are constantly discussing these topics
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