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Knight at Arms
Version 1.2.1
It would be nice to have a button or option in the main menu to load all the models into memory for HDDs. Otherwise it just causes lag spikes during a match, which can be really annoying. If you want to load them before you would need to click through all the classes in the armory, which is slightly tedious.


I have SSD and the game will occasionally pause for 5-10 seconds when changing my loadout because of that. Seems to be due to the faces as the outter models will load but will freeze with empty faces. It has been happening less with the recent patch and I'm assuming it's a bug.

Murat Türe

Sorry for your inconvenience. The mission loading system preloads the resources that will be used at during missions. Also, the runtime resource loading should not create a spike for the game. There is probably a bug that disable these systems. In one of the next beta branches, we will introduce a system in which you can trigger the game to make a profiling of itself and then you can send us the profiling data file. When we pinpoint the issue, it will be much faster for us to fix it. Thanks for your feedback.
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