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Loading current configuration into Python files

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Hi there,

I already searched for this in a few threads but I couldn't find it, I guess it will be trivial to answer for anyone who's a bit into modding already, I just started so I'm a little lost  :razz:

I applied quite some of TMLs tweaks to my current game, now that I've gotten the module system I'd like to keep these tweaks as they are in my new mod. Is there some way to make the python files read the current configuration and load them into the .py-files? I'm worried that when I build the module, all text files that I didn't edit via Python will be overwritten with default values.
If that doesn't work, can you compile just specific files, like only launching music.py to create a new music.txt-file without overwriting other text files like scripts.txt?

Hope someone can help me, it's annoying when you want to test your mod but you don't know if it will mess old working things things up - thanks in advance :smile:


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Which tweaks do you want to convert to Python? With TML's help, and some of my own doing, I've put the tweaks into Python already.
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