Llew's Scene Props [Rocks and Boulders]


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Since people seemed to like rocks, I thought I'd make a few and upload them for everyone to use. I was also driven by the desire to see some really high quality scene props in Warband. (The high quality is also reflected in the 2048x2048 texture I used). Here's a small start.

At the moment I just have three. A cliff, a boulder, and a ground cover rock, all mapped to the same 2048res texture.

All models are fully game ready with collision meshes included, and are fully Vertex painted with shadows. Bump map is also included for the texture. Roughly 700 polies each.

Download Link


Consider these OSP. Go ahead and change them all you want. Also, I do realize some people might not want full 2048 textures, so feel free to resize at will.

I'll very likely add more stuff to this (rocks at present), so if you have a particularly lovable rock you'd like to see ingame, go ahead and post a reference pick.


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That is awesome, thank you for making that available.  I will work with 'em and see what I can do in terms of getting them working with my plants and stuff- it'd be nice to see some really good rocks.

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this realy rockS :razz:

greetz, Berend

btw yes they're awesome! so can I add them in my mod?